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Jupiter (Zues)

supreme ruler, lord of sky, rain god, loud god, thunderbolt

Juno (Hera)

protector of marriage, heroes, and inspierer of good deeds

Neptune (Poseidon)

ruler of sea, provided first horse, trident

Pluto (Hades)

rule of underworld and dead, god of wealth, far-fimed cap

Minerva (Athena)

protector of civilized life, inventor of bridle, grey-eyed


most greek god, master musician, healer, archer god, god of truth

Diana (Artemis)

lady of wild things, huntsman, protectress of dewy young

Venus (Aphrodite)

goddess of love and beauty, laughter loving

Mercury (Hermes)

master of thief, god of commerce, protector of traders, messenger, winged sandals, caduceus

Mars (Ares)

god of war, murderous but wimp

Vulcan / Mulciber (Hephaestus)

god of fire, ugly and lame

Vesta (Hestia)

goddess of hearth, symbol of home

Bacchus (Dionysus)

god of wine


goddess of corn and food

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