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PSYCH 243- TEST 3- chp 8,9,10,11

Research on emotional self-regulation demonstrates that
preeschoolers know they can blunt emotions by restricting sensory input
Maltreating parents
suffer from biased thinking about their child
During middle- childhood, children understanding of emotion changes in that they become aware that
people can feel more than one emotion at a time
Lack of effective learning strategies, reduced persistence and sense of loss of control are all associated with
learned helplessness
An important motivator for prosocial behavior is
According to the biological perspective adolescence is
an extremely turbulent phase of growth
During middle childhood, attention develops by becoming more
selective adaptable and planful
Emotional competence
is vital for successful peer relationships and overall mental health
Sally Suisie are playing make believe in which sally is mom and susie is daughter what type of play is this?
cooperative play
beginning in middle-childhood childrens self descriptions include descriptions of
both negative and positive characteristics
both psychoanalytic and social learning theory regard moral development as resulting from
internalization of societal standards for right action
According to Erickson one of the major functions of make-believe play is to allow children to
try out new skills with little risk of criticism or failure
according to Piaget, one limitation of concrete operation thought is that childrens mental operations work poorly with
abstract ideas
mothers of girls with anorexia tend to be
overprotective and controlling
effective co regulation is based on
a cooperative relationship between parent and child
the most common nutritional problem of adolescence is a deificeny in
coopers parents are overindulgent as a result he is likely to have unrealistically _____ self- esteem and display ____
high; meaness and aggression
The major reason that first graders write so large is that they
use the entire arm to make strokes
inductive parenting
helps children see how their actions affect others
true about authoritative child rearing style?
authoritative parents insist on mature behavior give reasons for their expectations and use teaching moments to promote the childs self regulation
research has shown that parents promote gender stereotypes by
praising girls less than boys for accomplishment and knowledge
The Stanford- Binet and the Weschler
are most often used to identify students who are highly intelligent or have learning problems
According to the cognitive developmental approach children learn to distinguish moral imperatives from social conventions and matters of personal choice
by actively making sense of their observations and experiences
Valentina has high academic self- esteem. she is unlikely to find
school as boring
parents with obese children tend to
reward their childrens good behavior with food
the information processing perspective
examines separate aspects of thinking
jacobn a sixth grader entered middle school academic bowl. according to erikson by entering the competition jacob shows
sternbers triachy theory helps explain why
out of school practical forms of intelligence are vital for life success
preschoolers self concepts
are very concrete
howard gardner argues that
each intelligence has a unique biological basis and a distinct course of development
studies suggest that time out as disciplinary technique
is useful when a child is out of control
the permissive child rearing style is warm and accepting
but uninvolved
_____ are common everyday explanations for the causes of behavior
preschool and young school age children tend to reason
studies of self- esteem demonstrate that preeschoolers
usually rate their own ability as extremely high
according to piaget one limitation of concrete operational thought is that it is not yet
at adolescence self concept becomes increasingly dependent on information from
close friends
rejected withdrawn children
are at risk for abuse by bullies