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history final

2009, unemployment in Parisian suburbs that are home to many Muslims exceeded
Apple's iPod was introduced in
A dramatic social development affecting the status and expectations of women in Western Europe since the 1960s has been
a persistent decline in birth rates across Europe with Spain's becoming the lowest in the world.
Bosnians, Croations, and Serbs met in Dayton, Ohio, in 1995 an
negotiated an end to the war in Bosni
The British prime minister who gave support to the United States in the war on terror and in the Iraq W
tony blair
"al-Qaeda" means
the base
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's centrist policies were most reminiscent of
bill clinton
An example of nationalist terrorism is the
What caused massive rioting in the suburbs of Paris in 2005?
resentment of some young Muslims about unemployment and living conditions
The ruling policies of Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union
evoked a "New Thinking" about world affairs and the balance of power leading to new arms limitation treaties and greater autonomy for Communist regimes in Eastern Europe.
An example of multiculturalism in literature would be
Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies.
All of the following are examples of the women's movement except
the lack of success in repealing laws against birth control and abortion in Europe.
The tactic of "ethnic cleansing," murdering or forcibly removing ethnic minorities from their lands in the former Yugoslavia, is a savage strategy of modern political terror practiced most brutally by
A serious criticism of the digital revolution is
it has displaced cultural uniqueness and bodily presence
The major issue that troubled Italian society in recent decades has been
political corruption.
In 1988, the first free parliamentary elections to occur in Eastern Europe for forty years took place in
After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia struggled with all of the following except:
a renewed Communist Party majority which took over the government.
Under Vladimir Putin's presidency, all of the following occurred except
Russia ended its war in Chechnya
The Yugoslavian president ousted from power in 2000 and who was subsequently put on trial for war crimes against humanity was
Slobodan Milosevic.
The American president who helped maintain a Vietnam-like war in Afghanistan the by aiding anti-Soviet insurgents was
ronald regan
By the mid-1960s, what was the primary concern of the United States?
Who wrote the book, Small Is Beautiful?
E F Schumacher
Under the U.S. presidency of Jimmy Carter, a major goal of American foreign policy was
the protection of human rights globally
n 1965, who called the United States "the greatest danger in the world today to peace"?
Charles de Gaulle.
The 1975 Helsinki Agreements
recognized all borders in central and eastern Europe established since World War II thereby acknowledging a Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.
In the late 1970s, punk rock music was exemplified by
sex pistols
The West German chancellor whose policy of Ostpolitik improved relations with East Germany was
will brandt
The economic problems of the United States in the 1970s have been labeled
Small" wars like the ones in Vietnam and Afghanistan demonstrated that
there would be wars that the superpowers could not win against a strong nationalist and guerrilla-type opposition.
he influential philosopher who believed that a small group of students could liberate the masses from their control of the capitalist ruling class was
herbert marcuse
The American president who journeyed to the People's Republic of China in 1972 was
richard nixon
In the 1960s, college and university students complained and demonstrated against all of the following except:
declining enrollments
All of the following occurred in Great Britain under Margaret Thatcher except
improved industrial in midlands
In the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan predicted that the scenario for the future would be
global village
The terrorist group who murdered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games was the
black september
Under the Brezhnev Doctrine
the Soviets declared the right of intervention if a socialist state were threatened.
The issue that led to Jimmy Carter's defeat in 1980 was
his inability to gain the release of American hostages held in Iran.
Ronald Reagan did all of the following except
raised taxes on the wealthy.
The Solidarity movement in Poland
was outlawed in 1981 and its leaders arrested.
Charles de Gaulle withdrew from politics in 1946 because
he believed the Fourth Republic had become weak.
The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s included all of the following except
saw the Supreme Court approve the concept of "separate but equal" in public schools.
The policy created in 1947 and used by the Americans against Communism was called
In 1956 in Poland, Wladyslaw Gomulka
declared his nation's right to follow its own socialist path.
An example of the relaxation of repressive Stalinism during Khrushchev's regime was the publication of
Solzhenitsyn's A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.
African independence parties were usually led by
Western-educated intellectuals.
At the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party in 1956, Khrushche
condemned Stalin.
The American artist Jackson Pollock was most noted for
Abstract Expressionist paintings.
In the postwar world, Canada
experienced many of the same developments as the United States.
One country that was not an original member of the European Coal and Steel Community was
The one issue on which the Arab states were united was
The Indonesian president who was suspicious of the West, sought economic aid from China and the Soviet Union, and relied at home on a native communist party was
The Common Market was
founded for economic reasons, including to promote free trade among member nations.
The event that immediately preceded and sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis was
the bay pigs
American motion pictures in the post-war years have
been the primary vehicle for the diffusion of American popular culture throughout the world
The Warsaw Pact included all of the following nations except
overall effect of the Korean W on the Cold War was
the reinforcement of the American determination to "contain" Soviet power.
The Truman Doctrine was a consequence of a civil war in
The philosophical doctrine of existentialism stressed
he need for people to create their own values and give their lives meaning.
The social structure of the postwar European society has been greatly affected by a dramatic increase in the number of
white collar manegment
By 1933, the Japanese Empire included all of the following, excep
The turning point of the North African campaign came
at El Alamein where the British stopped Rommel in the summer of 1942.
At the Battle of Stalingrad
Hitler realized that he could not defeat the Soviet Union.
The only country to use women as combatants in World War II was
sovient union
War broke out between Russia and Germany in 1941 when
germany attacked russia
The Nationalist leader of China in the 1930s was
Chiang Kai-shek.
Civilian bombing was done mainly
break will to resist
allied bombing raids on German civilians
contrary to expectations, produced stubborn resistance from the German people.
Domestic circumstances in the United States differed significantly from the situations in the Soviet Union and Great Britain because
us had more money andresources
In the Allied bombing strategy in Europe, Americans participated
primarily in daytime, precision bombing of German strategic targets.
Following the Second World War, Germany was
divided into 4
By the end of 1945, how many of Hiroshima's residents had died?
Chief among the reasons for Japanese expansion in the 1930s were
an expanding population and severe lack of natural resources on the island nation.
Hitler's first act of aggression took place in 1936 when the Germans occupied what area?
Following the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk, France
soon surrendered and the Vichy government was set up as a German puppet state.
Hitler's plan for defeating Britain relied on
controlling skies
In pursuing the war against the Axis powers, the Grand Alliance demanded of its opponents
unconditional surrender
The Middle Eastern Muslim nation that made a conscious effort to adopt a Westernized secular culture after World War I was
The most famous of the Surrealistic painters was
salvadori dali
The Stalinist era in the 1930s witnessed
millions of ordinary citizens arrested and sent into force labor camps.
Lenin's New Economic Policy was designed to
increase the production of food and consumer goods.
Joseph Stalin's emergence as leader of the Communist party was aided by
his position as general secretary of the Bolshevik party.
Hitler brought Germany out of the Depression
through rearmament and public works.
Artistic and intellectual trends in the inter-war years reflected
disillusionment with Western Civilization provoked by the horrors of the World War I.
A major cause of the Great Depression in Europe was
the recall of American loans from European markets.
The most famous and spectacular of the Nazi mass demonstrations were held in the city of
Not associated with the new literary techniques of the 1920's was
erntest rutherd
How many Italians are estimated to have died during World War I
Strength through Joy"
monitored and homogenized the leisure time of the German workers.
The Lateran Accords of 1929
recognized Catholicism as the sole religion of Itally
Among the positive achievements of the Stalinist era in the Soviet Union wa
more eduation
Culture in Nazi Germany centered around
petty-bourgeois art, with sentimental and realistic scenes glorifying strong, heroic Aryans.
The Nazi policies toward women
claimed that through childbearing and service in the home women would bring about the triumph of the Aryan race
The dominant form of government in Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 1930s was
The Spanish Civil War ended with the victory of
francisco franco
Which one of the following states first adopted fascism
The physicist Walter Heisenberg was most noted for
proposing that uncertainty was at the bottom of all physical laws