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Watersoluble vitamins functions

Antioxidnat; collagen synthesis, wound healing, immunity; helps prepare iron for absorption, metabolism
Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C
Coenzyme in makinf of heme for hemoglobin; mylelin sheath formation to protect nerves
B-12 Cobalamin
Normal growth, coenzyme in carbohydrate metabolism, normal function of heart, nerve, and muscle
Thiamin- B 1
Normal growth and energy; coenzyme in protein and enrgy metabolism
Vitamin B-2 Riboflavin
Healthy skin, normal growth, coenzyme in energy production
Niacin - B 3
Coenzyme in DNA and RNA synthesis; amino acid metabolism; rbc maturation
folic acid
Coenzyme in amino acid metabolism; prtein synthesis, heme formation, brain activity; participates in niacin formation from tryptophan. Coenzyme in Carbohydrate and fat metabolism
B-6 pyridoxine