Physics Final

what does microevolution mean?
gradual changes within a population
what are the two basic elements of darwins theory of evolution?
common ancestry and natural selection
quantity of space an object occupies
any influence that can cause an object to be accelerated
the SI fundamental unit of mass
accelerations are produced by
the acceleration produced by a net force on an object is...
directly proportional to magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object
a heavy person and a light person parachute together and wear the same size parachutes. assuming they open their parachutes at the same time, which person reaches the ground first?
the heavy person
a tennis ball and a solid steel ball the same size are dropped at the same time. in the absence of air resistance, which ball has the greater acceleration?
they have the same acceleration
when an object reaches terminal velocity its acceleration is
0 m/s2
compared to a 1 kg block of solid iron, a 2 kg block of solid iron has twice as much...
inertia and mass
an object has a constant mass. a constant force on the object produces a constant
a push on a 1 kg brick accelerates the brick. neglecting friction, to equally accelerate...
with 10 times as much force
the reason a tennis ball and a solid steel ball will accelerate at the same rate in the absence of air resistance is that..
the ball with the larger force also has the larger mass
if the force acting on a cart doubles, what happens to the carts acceleration?
it doubles
two factors that greatly affect air resistance on falling objects are...
size and speed of the object
using newtons second law, explain why the acceleration of two freely-falling objects having different masses is the same. Is the force on each mass the same?
The force on each mass is different because of the weight of the object. So the heavier object has a greater force. It goes though the air faster than the lighter object.
what does neo-darwinism claim?
natural selection preserves and eliminates genes overtime and new genes are added by random mutation
what does macroevolution mean?
large scale changes such as origin of body parts will mutate into new species
a quantity that has both magnitude and direction
a quantity that has magnitude but not direction
the combination of two or more vectors
whenever there is an action force, there must be a reaction force which...
is exactly equal in magnitude
forces always occur in...
as a ball falls, the action force is the pull of the earths mass on the ball. the reaction force is the...
pull of the balls mass on the earth
what are examples of vector quantities?
velocity, acceleration, force
which are scalar quantities?
mass, speed, volume
Explain Newtons three laws and two points under each.
Law of inertia: if an object is in motion it would stay in motion, if its at rest it would stay at rest.The object will change unless acted by a net force
Law of Acceleration: when a net force acts on an object it will accelerate and acceleration is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to the mass.
Law of action/reaction: when an object acts on the second object than the second object will give off equal and opposite force. Forces come in pairs one action and the other reaction making a interaction.
Evolutionist point to changes in finches beaks during times of drought as evidence for evolution. Why is this claim unfounded?
an 18 yr study showed that beak changes reverted back to its original size when drought ended. Beak changes did not provide evidence of macroevolution
Why are Haeckels drawings no longer considered valid arguments for evolution?
drawings are of mid stage not the earliest. Specimens were selected because of their similarities, and they were inaccurate representations of the information reported
colliding objects become distorted, generate heat, and possible stick together
inelastic collision
the momentum of a system remains unchanged
law of conservation of momentum
colliding objects rebound without lasting deformation or the generation of heat
elastic collision
difference between impulse and impact force involves the...
time the force acts
impulse is equal to the...
change in momentum
two objects have the same size and shape, but one is much heavier than the other. when they are dropped simultaneously from a tower, they reach the ground at the same time, but the heavier one has a greater....
padded dashboards in cars are safer in an accident than nonpadded ones because an occupant hitting the dash has...
increased time of impact
the impulse momentum relationship is a direct result of .....
newtons 2nd law
the force that accelerates a rocket in outer space is exerted on the rocket by the ....
exhaust gases
the property of a system that makes us do work?
product of a force acting on an object during a time on which it acts?
force due to gravity on an object
as in object falls downward its....
velocity increases
what did the development of evolutionary theory in the 1800s provide?
an explanation of life without supernatural means
what evidence refutes the evolutionists claim that neanderthal fossils are a link between ape and man?
dna analysis
a synthesis of a large body of information that encompasses well-tested and verified hypotheses about certain aspects of the natural world.
scientific theory
a phenomenon about which competent observers who have made a series of observations are in agreement
fake science that pretends to be real science
science, art and religion do not contradict one another because...
all three have different domains
Give an example of how a specific technology could be both helpful and harmful.
xrays because it shows you what is wrong with you but also because of the radiation it gives off.
Aspirin- it may make you feel slightly better, or it may just stay the same of it may make you worse
example of pseudoscience and the real science it mimics
astrology and it mimics astronomy
is a change of mind a sign of weakness or strength? how is this different in science?
its a sign of strength because you cant stick to the one idea that you have had and hoped for it to be true. you have to experiment with your ideas to get your results.
what is the penalty for scientific fraud in the science community?
proffessional excommunication
what has been the general reaction to new ideas about established truths?
resistance- people dont want to change their mind about it
two categories of science and two examples
life and physical- life has zoology and botony..
physical has chemistry and biology
three primary sciences. which is the most basic and why?
physics-study of motion, energy, light(etc) its the most basic because it is used as the building for all the other sciences.
Chemistry- study of chemicals and the way they react together.
Biology- study of not only plants but humans and the way things work
what did the miller urey experiment create?
amino acids
why was the miller urey experiment not a valid proof for chemical evolution?
it eliminated oxygen from the environment which interferred with the chemical reaction
the vector sum of forces that act on an object
net force
stated that the earth revolves around the sun
law of inertia applies to
both moving and nonmoving objects
How can newtons law of inertia be applied to an individual who has not been told about the lord?
the human heart is beating at a constant speed, it doesnt change, it doesnt slow down or speed up, its just right to keep us alive. this shows that we have a creator who made everything and everyone functioning just right in order to live. With Christ he will keep us going in a straight path and without him we will be off track.
How is darwins tree of life built
bottom up
has both magnitude and direction
vector quantity
rate at which velocity changes with time
distance traveled per unit of time