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Physical Science Chapter 7

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Hydrochloric acid, HCL, is added to solid NaOH. After the reaction is complete, NaCl dissolved in water remains. What are the products of this chemical reaction?
NaCl and H2O
Which is a balanced chemical equation for the synthesis of NaBr from Na and Br2?
Na+Br2 --> NaBr
2Na+Br2 --> NaBr
Na+Br2 --> 2NaBr
2Na+Br2 --> 2NaBr
2Na+Br2 --> 2NaBr
How many atoms are present in 2 moles of chromium?
1.20x10(24) atoms
How many moles of Cr are in 156g of the element?
3.0 moles
The coefficients in a balanced chemical equation always can express the ratio of
moles of reactants and products
Which of the following takes place during a redox reaction?
Electron are both gained and lost.
In terms of energy, how would you classify the following chemical reaction? 2Cu=O2-->2CuO=315kJ
When the forward and reverse paths of a change occur at the same rate
the system is at equilibrium
The equation 2NO2 <-->N2O4 shows a system
in chemical equilibrium
a chemical equation that accurately represents what happens when sulfur and oxygen react to form sulfur trioxide?
An industrial process makes calcium oxide by decomposing calcium carbonate . Which of the following is not needed to calculate the mass of calcium oxide that can be produced from 4.7 kg of calcium carbonate.
the balanced chemical equation
molar masses of the reactants
molar masses of the product
the volume of the unknown mass
the volume of the unknown mass,
When magnesium carbonate, MgCO2 reacts with nitric acid HNO3 magnesium nitrate and carbonic acaid form. Carbonic acid then breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. what two types of reactions takes place?
synthesis and decomposition
single-replacement and combustion
double-replacement and decomposition
double-replacement and combustion
double-replacement and decomposition