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Gideon v Wainwright

Right to a lawyer for a felony

Miranda v Arizona

Right to hear your rights before to interrogation

Escobedo v Illinois

Access to an attorney

TInker vs Des Moines

1. Rights don't end at the the schoolhouse door
2. Symbolic speech = speech

US vs Leon

Good Faith Exception

Griswold vs Connecticut

Planned parenthood director that was giving out illegal contraceptive but she sued under the "penumbra" or privacy

Planned Parenthood vs Casey

Can't place an undue burden or an obstacle in the way of a woman seeking an abortion

Bakke vs California

Makes quotas illegal

Croson v Richmond

Tiers of Scrutiny: strict, medium, minimal

Taxman vs Piscataway

Taxman fired from her job but claims there was racial discrimination

Mapp vs Ohio

Protects against unreasonable search and seizures

Terry vs Ohio

Not violated if the police officer frisks someone with probable cause

Loving vs Virginia

Made interracial marriage legal
Established the Rational Basis Test and marriage as a "fundamental freedom"

Fisher vs TX

Admission guaranteed to top 10% of high school class

Roe vs Wade

Made abortion legal

Gonzales vs Carhart

Made partial birth illegal

Fulilove vs Klutznick

Made a relative % okay for diversity goal

Hopwood vs Texas

No AA: diversity is not a valid goal

Gratz/Grutter vs Bollinger

Race can be used as one of many factors
Testers with same resumes

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