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Luxury Advertising:

• James Webb young

• Luxury Marketing is a category that is completely different from traditional brand marketing - because it is in the business of selling fantasy. We'll look at the top 10 most powerful luxury brands in the world (six of which were created at almost the same time in the 19th century) and we'll analyze luxury marketing techniques. Most of all, we'll delve deep into our collective psyches to examine why we all desire expensive products in our lives -and what that really says about our inner selves.

• Luxury marketing was born in the 1800's
o Time of the industrial revolution with all different types of classes
• Luxury goods distuingshed social statuses
• Top 6 luxury items in todays day were brought up in 1800's
• Louis Ve ton-designed luggage and Napolean hired him in 1800's
o His brand value is millions
• Gucci is # 3
• Hennesy is #5
• #6 is Rolex
• Tiffany is #10

• Luxury marketing is a category of its own-unique
• It is the dream business!
• Luxury brands are sold on fantasies
• Purpose of luxury items makes people feel special
o Privately-only you know about the amazing item you may have
• Conspiqueos consumption
o Item was purchased to show off to others.
• Show off your status to neighbors and enemies
• Exclivitely
o Buying something because others have it
• Luxury purchases are about standing out!
• You are 2 people
o Who you are and who you want to be
o Luxury advertsising wants to only know the second person!

Green Marketing

In the world of marketing, advertisers can create their image and messages with virtual freedom. But that's not the case when it comes to "green" products - because the scrutiny is too intense. This week, Terry O'Reilly looks at the ever-changing world of Green Marketing. He'll look back at how the green movement started, how it's evolved, how marketers navigate the shoals of green marketing today - and what it all means to everyday consumers. One thing for sure... it's not easy being green.
• Created in 1874-ddt
• Rachel carson
o Ddt was causing detrimental effects to the environment
o DDt was supposed to stop malaria after WW11
o DDT was affected birds as well
• Carson wrote "Silent Springs" proved that DDT(chemical that was used to treat malaria after WWII) was harmful to people and enviroment!
o No one since would be able to understand pollution after her book
• 1970-first earth day was created(dudes bday)
• 1972 people came together to talk about the environment
• lenin gas
• green house gases
• british scientists discovered
• hole in the ozone level caused people to worry
o then people realized sunscreen
• green marketing invites scrutining
• 33 out of 40 bottle of waters failed to be the same as tap water in London
• green marketing-many companies have been accused of green washing
o deceptive use that gives the publics perception that a companys policies are environmentally friendly
• 100 of thousands of items have gone through EBAY
o way they are manufactured, how its used, and how its used after used.
o Companies must believe to have green inititives
o green marketing
• make green products seem normal instead of making normal products seem green
o advertisisng is good at normalizing new ideas
• like seatbelts

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