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i was the nephew of youchanan ben sakkai
abba sikra
i pretended to be dead to leave yerushalayim
yochenan ben zakai
during a siege what one thing cannot be brought into the city?
i was the chief general in charge of the siege of yerushalayim.
who was the Esav at the tiem of Raban Yochanan ben Zakai
maseh avot siman....
i fasted and prayed for 40 years before the destruction of the second temple
Rabi Tzadok
i realized that the doors to the bet hamikdash opening and closing was a bad sign. Who am i?
Rabi Tzadok
one way to appease an enemy tha twas learned from yaakov is to them a present. true or false?
i realized that the ner tamid flickering was a bad sign. who am i?
rabi tzadok
for how long did Yochanan ben Zackai live?
120 years
what did youchanan ben zakai do with the first 40 years of his life?
what did yochanan ben zakai do with the second 40 years of his life?
learned in the yeshiva of hillel
what did youchanan ben zakai do with the third 40 years of his life?
Yochanan ben Zakai was a cohen. waht tribe did he come from?
How many students to Hillel have?
How many students of Hillel were compared to Moshe?
How many students of hillel were compared to Yehoshua?
I was the Av Bet Din under Youchanan ben Zakai. who am i?
Yehoshua ben Chenanya
who was the least great of the students of hillel?
Yochanan ben zakai
who was the greatest of the students of hillel?
yonatan ben ooziel
Not always is the ____ student the greatest leader
greatest, best, most gifted.
the sun stood still in the sky for:
i am called by the title Raban. Who am i?
I am Nasi of the Sanhendrin Hagadol
Yochanan ben Zakaii was a cohen. What tribe did he come from?
I was the Av bet Din under Yochanan ben Zakai. Who am I?
yehoshua ben Chenanya
if you were called by your first name that means:
lived earlier in history, was world famous, was not a Tanna
I am a Rabban. I am part of which group?
i am a Rav. WHich Group of Rabbi's do i belong to?
Our Talmud is made up of two parts:
mishna and gemara
the rabbis who worked on our mishneh are:
what are the years the Amoraiim were our great rabbis?
250 CE - 500 Ce
This group of Rabbis lived in 2 countries:
the procurator was the Roman Emperor. True or false?
False. Procurator- governor
Raban Shimon Ben Gamliel was a nasi from the family Hillel . true?
i was the av bet din to Rabban SHimon Ben Gamliel I
Yochanan ben Zaakai
The great sanhendrin is made up of 71 rabbis. true or false?
The sanhedrin and Nasi and Av Beit DIn were Perushim. true or false?
The av Beit DIn is second to the Nasi . true or false?
the Nasi comes from Shevet Levi. True or false?
During the tiem of the Tanaim, the title raban meant you were a Nasi. true or false?
I am a Rav. I lived in Eretz Yisroel . true or false?
I am a Raban. I was the nasi of the Sanhendrin. True or false?
The Nasi of the Sanhendrin generally had to come from Beit David. True or false?
If you are a great Jewish leader and addressed by your first name you lived earlier in history. true or false?
I have the Title Rabi and lived in Israel during the years 1-250 Ce. I am a Tanah. True or false?
"Hail O Emperor". who said these words?
Yochanan ben Zackai
I pretended to be upset that Yochanan Ben Zackai told me i would be the next emperor. Who am I?
"Only a Great king can destroy Jerusalem". i knew this from the Torah. Who am I?
yochanan ben zakkai
What matanah (gift) could Yochanan Ben Zakkai give Vespasian?
foreshadowing of events
Roman ____ come to let me know I am the new emperor. Who am I?
Messengers. Vespasian.
I saw future events before they had fully developed. who am i?
Yochanan Ben Zakkai
What is Hatzala purta?
minimal rescue
In the space of 18 months, how many emperors had ruled in Rome?
What rewards did Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakkai ask from Vespasian?
1) Doctors to cure Rabbi Tzadok
2) Save the family of the Nasi (Hillel's descendants)
3) Yavneh and it's sages
Who was the chief general in charge of the siege of Jerusalem?
What Talmud says YOchanan asked for the Bet Hamikdash to be spared?
In Rome, the bearer of good tidings gets rewarded. true or false?
Which city housed the yeshiva Yochanan Ben zakkai formed?
Who is the son of Vespasian?
I do not become Nasi right away in yavneh, even though I come from the family of the true nasi. who am I?
Gamliel Diyavneh
What talmud says Yochanan felt asking for the Bet Hamikdash to be spared was a fruitless wish?
I was considered the mother and father of the Jewish people. Who am I?
Yochanan ben Zakkai
I explained the meaning of a will to a young man. Who am I?
Yochanan ben Zakkai
"from all my father's possessions I choose _____"
the slave
My grandmother sold her ___ for Shabbat wine
Who becomes general in charge of the siege once Vespasian leaves to Rome?
Why did the JEws have to spend an extra 40 years in the desert?
Because they sinned with the Cheta Miraglim
For how long did we have real slavery?
210 years
approximately how much of world history passed before Avraham discovered Hashem?
What 3 events were supposed to take place the same year?
Leaving Egypt, getting torah, getting the land of Israel
What is another name for Yaakov?
What are the years the Tanaiim led us ?
1-250 CE
Who edited our Mishneh?
Rebbe/Rabbeinu Hakadosh / Rebbe Yehuda HaNasi
what does mishneh mean?
to repeat
Why was our second temple destroyed?
Bein adam lichavero, and sinat chinam
who destroyed our first temple? and why was it destroyed?
Nebuchadnetzer . destroyed because of sings between man and G-d.
who built our second temple?
Zerubavel and Yehoshua
FOr how long did Shaul Rule?
2 years
The tanaiim are the rabbis of the ___?
Hillel was one of the last of the ___
How long did Galus Bavel Last? How about Galus Edom?
Galus Bavel- 70 years. Edom- still on going.
before chorban Bait 2 how many groups in Judea were there?
Who were the Zealots?
ThePerushim (Pharasees) were non-torah loyal. true or false?
Procurator= ?
Roman Governor
Raban Shimon Ben Gamliel I was a navi from the family of Hillel. True or false?
Did the Tzedukim want to rebel against Rome?
Who were the Nasi and Av Beit Din of the Great sanhendrin leaders of?
The Pharisees
____ wanted to make peace or at least a truce with the Romans.
Which group wanted to fight Rome until death and would die with the Bet Hamikdash?
Which group did not believe in reward and punishment or the after-life?
Who was the friend of the rich host, but who was invited instead?
Kamza, Bar Kamza
"I will pay for the entire party. Just let me Remain" who said these words?
bar Kamza
I was a great Pharisee Rabbi.
YOchanan Ben Zakai and Rabbi Akiva
In the torah an "eye for an eye" means:
paying the victim the value of the lost eye
one the other sects/groups disappeared the _____ were no longer called by that name. their religious practice became normative (regular) Judaism.
We edited the "dead sea scrolls" and are linked to early christianity.
we had daggers in our cloaks and are anarchists.
We are both extremists. who are we?
Sikkrikon and Kanaiim
The sanhendrin and nasi and av beit din are from what group?
I was the Av Beit Din to rabban shimon ben gamliel I
yochanan Ben Zakkai
i am called by the title of raban. who am i?
nasi of the sanhendrin hagadol.
What tribe did youchanan ben Zakkai, come from?
I was the av bet din under Yochanan ben zakkai. who am i?
Yehoshua ben Chenanya
I am a rabban. i am part of which group?
I am a rav. which group of rabbi's do i belong to?
Our Talmud is made up of 2 parts:
Mishna and Gemara
Tanaiim are Rabbi's who ____
worked on our mishneh
This group of Rabbi's lived in 2 countries.
what 3 things did yochanan ben Zakaii ask of Vespasian
1) Give me a city where scholars can learn torah and rome will not harm them.
2) Give me doctors to cure Rebbi Tzadok
3) promise to save the young Gamliel. save the line of Nisiot. for hope-connection to Bet David
How did Vespasian give Yochanan really everything?
With Torah and Jews, Judaism can go on! Yochanan preserved our Judaism.