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Chapter 12 Reading Guide

Cruz Period 4 08/20/11
Great Famine
In the years 1315 - 1322, Europe experienced harsh climate change. Crops failed and 1/4 were bad, leading to scarcity and starvation. Cost of grain, livestock, dairy and meat increased and many died.
- The _____ caused many deaths in 14th century Europe.
Black Death
In Western Europe in 1347, a plague was introduced through the rodents and insects transported in Genoese ships.
- The _____ is caused by yersinia destis, carried most commonly by rats.
The boil resulting from the bubomic plague.
- After the _____ comes black spots, which are followed by coughing blood. After coughing blood, only a few days are left to live.
Groups of people hwo inflicted pain upon themselves to punish mankind for all their sins, in the hope that God would cease the Black Death.
- _____ provoked violence and spread the already enormous hatred of Jews.
A battle (1415) at which King Henry V won over "vastly superior numbers".
- _____ and other battles were not fought as people of that time considered proper,.
Joan of Arc
A peasant girl who dressed as a man, persuaded the king that CHarles VII was not illegitimate and lead France to victory at the Battle of Orleans. She was later burned at the stake for witchcraft in 1431.
- _____ is now the Second Patron Saint of France, along with King Louis IX
The claim of dirct contact from God, therefore denying any church authority.
- Joan of Arc's claim of _____ labelled her as a heretic, causing her to be burned at the stake.
Representative Assembly
A political institution composed of a number of people who debate and make decisions for a larger population
- Congress or Parliament are examples of modern day _____.
THe feeling of unity that binds people together.
- After 9/11. America's _____ was damaged.
Babylonian Captivity
The 70 years during which the Hebrews were held captive in Mesopotamian Babylon.
- During the _____, Italian states (lacking the stability of Rome) struggled.
Great Schism
The separation of Christendom as the powers of Europe supported wither Urban or Clements.
- France supported Clements while England supported the Urban during the _____.
People who believed reform of the church could be achieved in order to represent all Christians.
- _____ were perhaps a bit idealistic
Voluntary lay groups organized by occupation, devotional preference, neighborhood or charitable activity.
- Women were allowed into _____, but were separated from the men.
The Imitation of Christ
Encourages people to take Christ as their model.
- The _____ is the classic in which the brethren and sisters of the common life found its first expression.
Peasant's Revolts
Widespread revolt in the 1320's of peasants in protest of taxes etc.
- The many _____ lead to many deaths.
Massive peasant revold over their frustrations of heavy taxations from the 100 Years War (1358).
- Two years before the _____, in 1356, peasants had murdered noblemen and harmed their possessions, wives and daughters.
Statue of Kilkeny
(1366) Stated "there were to be no marriages between thos of immigrant and native stock."
- The _____ would be extremely racist were it in place today.
National languages.
- each country (and continent) has its own set of different _____ languages.