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Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)- Aligns disparate expeditionary capabilities to clearly articulate consistent and coordinated expeditionary practice procedures and requirements in the joint battle space.

Naval Costal Warfare (NCW)- Provides maritime surveillance and security in bays, and harbors, around piers, and in-shore environments around the world
Naval Coastal Warfare Group (NCWGRU)- Made up of 11 MIUWU's seven IBU's, two mobile security squadrons (MSS), who's primary mission is force protection
Mobile Security Detachment (MSD)- Protect high value naval targets from terrorists attacks in ports and harbors where U.S. infrastructure is limited or does not exist
Mobile Security Squadron (MSRON)- To provide coastal and harbor defense and protection of naval assets
Inshore Boat Units- Manage water craft for security, interdiction and

Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Units (MIUWU)- Charged with security, observation, and communications support for operations inshore/coast environment
Port Security Unit (PSU)- Elite deployable units organized for sustained force protection operations. They provide waterside protection to key assets (e.g. pier areas, high value vessels, harbor entrances) at the termination/organization point of the Sea Lines Of Communications (SLOC's)

Embarked Security Teams (EST)- 11 or 12 man teams provide protection for Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships and their civilian crew as they ferry food, supplies, and equipment
Explosive Ordnance Disposal- They render safe all types of ordnance, both conventional and unconventional, improvised, chemical, biological, and nuclear. They perform underwater location, identification, render-safe and recovery (or disposal) of foreign and domestic ordnance. They conduct demolition of hazardous munitions, pyrotechnics. They are also called upon to support military and civilian law enforcement agencies
First Naval Construction Division- Administrative and operational commander for six naval construction regiments and two Seabee readiness groups, which encompass about 18,000 active duty and reserve navy Seabees. These groups provide construction support for U.S. forces as well as humanitarian assistance

Naval Expeditionary Logistics Group-To provide services including a wide range of supply and transportation capabilities, crisis response and humanitarian and combat service support. Mostly made up of reservists and reserve units

Naval Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit- To provide swift and mobile ship salvage, towing, battle damage repair, deep ocean recovery, harbor clearance and underwater ship repair capabilities