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History exam study guide

Spiro Agnew
who was Nixon's vice president who was forced to resign due to taking bribes and failure to pay taxes?
Which nation did Nixon visit in 1972? This trip would lead to the opening trade between the US and this nation.
Henry Kissinger
Who was the secretary of state under Nixon who pushed for a policy of detente with communist nations?
Even though Nixon ordered a withdrawal of american forces from south vietnam in 1969, he angered many in america and it led to increased protests when he ordered american troops into ___ to destroy communist bases.
Gerald Ford
who became the president of the US in 1974 when the elected president was forced to resign his office?
Because of Carter's weak foreign policy, which nation did the soviets invade in 1976?
Which Middle Eastern nation experienced revolution in 1979, which led to 63 Americans being taken hostage?
Panama Canal
which strategic Central American land mark did carter surrender in 1977?
Camp David Accords
What was the name of the peace agreement which was reached between Menachim Begin of Israel and Sadat of Egypt?
Jimmy Carter
Who was the 1st president elected from the south since 1848?
Fireside chats
FDR would speak over the radio and convince Americans that the nation would recover.
People from oklahoma who moved to California looking for work.
New Deal
Roosevelt's plan for recovery from the Depression.
Black Tuesday
What was the term used to describe October 29,1929 when the stock market crashed?
What was the average unemployment rate in the 1930's?
struck with polio
What happened to FDR in 1921 that could have ended his political career?
Lame Duck
The term sued to describe the sessions of congress during the period immediately following FDR's election in November 1932 and his inauguration on March 4, 1933 .
Latin America
FDR's Good Neighbor Policy was aimed at making friends with nations in which part of the world?
sit down strikes
what type of tactics did the CIO use when their members would strike?
Who's campaign slogan was "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage?"
Judicial review
allows the supreme court to nullify an act of Congress that is deemed unconstitutional
as advisers to President Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Albert Gallatin encouraged policies of ___
When filling federal jobs, Jefferson tended to fill those jobs with people who were what?
John Marshall
Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during Jefferson's Presidency? His leadership of the Court would result in important precedents being set for the federal judiciary system.
With which Indian tribe did Lewis and Clark spend the winter as they were exploring the Louisiana Territory?
Who was the Indian guide for Lewis and Clark's expedition? She served as interpreter and guide.
Aaron Burr
Who was Jefferson's vice-president who became involved in a conspiracy to establish a western empire in America and ------ Alexander Hamilton in a duel?
Fort McHenry
During the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key would pen the words to America's national anthem during which battle?
Andrew Jackson
In 1814, who was placed in charge of American volunteers fighting in the west? He prevented the British from establishing a fort in the West at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and defeated them again at the Battle of New Orleans.
Sit ins
Black students would stage these to protest segregated conditions at lunch counters in the south.
New Frontier
JFK's liberal program which laid the foundation for the greatest growth in government welfare and regulatory agencies.
Peace Corps
An agency which sent skilled and idealistic young Americans overseas to assist underprivileged nations.
Lyndon Johnson
Who was sworn in as president after JFK's death?
Jonas Salk
He was the 1st to discover the polio vaccine in 1955.
to end the Korean War
Eisenhower won the 1952 election on this promise.
What nation did the US and Great Britain sponsor the establishment of in 1948?
Madeline Murray O'Hair
wanted all expressions of Christian faith and life removed from American Public life.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Killed JFK and also killed a Dallas police officer during his apprehension.
Jackie Robinson
the 1st African American baseball player to play for a major league team.
Albert Fall
Who was the secretary of the interior under President Harding who secretly leased the huge oil reserves at Teapot Dome to private oil companies?
What new form of media was used in the 1924 Presidential Campaign?
When Coolidge was elected President in 1924, who became the 1st former President to administer the Presidential oath?
Billy Sunday
Who was the baseball player who became known as the baseball evangelist?
Charles Lindbergh
Who was the first American hero who mad the 1st solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
what became the 1st national radio network in 1927?
Which type of music became most closely associated with the Roaring Twenties?
Who was elected President in 1920 and used the slogan a "Return to Normalcy"?
income tax evasion
In 1931, Al Capone went to Jail for what?
In1919, which political party was organized in the US?
Jimmy Doolittle
Who was the American colonel who lead the air raids on Tokyo beginning on April 18,1942?
Island hopping
what was the name of the strategy the Allies adopted in which they would attack certain Japanese strongholds in the Pacific?
This was called the war to end all wars.
what label was given to Winston Churchill when he warned the people of England that Hitler was setting a course for war?
Adolph Hitler
Who was the socialist leader of the Nazi Party who transformed Germany into a totalitarian state in the 1930's?
Great Depression
what helped to exacerbate the economic and social problems facing many of the world's nations after WWI?
When Hitler signed his nonaggression pact with the soviet union which European nation did the USSR and Germany divide among themselves?
Between 1931 and 1933, what region of China did the Japanese take because they needed the natural resources to supply their war machine?
Which group of people did the Nazis intend to eliminate?
Charles de Gaulle
Who was the leader of the Frenchmen who escaped France and formed the Free French government?
Compiegne, France
Where did the allied and German officials meat on November 11,1918 to sign the armistice which effectively ended WWI?
League of Nations
What did President wilson insist be made part of the Treaty of Versailles?
Which European nation was one of the most aggressive militaristic nations during the period before WWI?
The Great War officially began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungry declared war on ____.
remain neutral
At the start of WWI, President Wilson declared that the US would?
At the start of WWI, which nation did Germany feel that they could knock out fairly quickly?
What was the name of the British passenger ship which was sunk by Germans on May 7, 1915
Wilhelm II
Under the leadership of Kaiser ___, Germany was eager to flex its muscle and demonstrate its strength to the other nations.
America expressed sympathy for the Allied cause during WWI. America expressed gratitude to ___ for helping in America's War for Independence.
Liberty Loan
The US government sponsored ____ drives to encourage people to purchase bonds.
In 1902, which South American nation's dictator refused to honor his nation's debts which prompted Britain and Germany to break off diplomatic relations?
At the turn of the century, the 1800's to 1900's, what was the center of life for most Americans?
In 1908, who introduced the Model T to the American public?
Theodore Roosevelt became President after _____ was killed.
At the time that Panama was chosen as the place to build a canal, which nation controlled it?
Nobel Peace Prize
For his work in getting Russia and Japan to reach a peace agreement to end the Russo-Japanese War, Teddy Roosevelt was awarded the _______ in 1906.
What did Roosevelt aim to break up in the world of big business?
What was the name of the group who led a rebellion in China against Western influence?
Which group was murdered in large numbers during the rebellion against western influence?
Due to the Russo-Japanese War, many Japanese laborers and their families immigrated to______.
Great Society
It became the largest welfare program since the New Deal.
Thurgood Marshall
He became the 1st black associate justice of the Supreme Court.
James earl Ray
who was charge with killing Martin Luther King?
Barry Goldwater
Who was the Republican presidential candidate in 1964 who called for a Constitutional system of limited government?
J. Edgar Hoover
Who was the director of the FBI who warned that the soviet influence was growing on college campuses and in high ranking government circles in the 1960's?
William Westmoreland
He was in command of US troops in South Vietnam.
Wilt Chamberlain
He became the 1st player to ever score 100 points during a single basketball game
Willie Mays
In 1969, who hit his 600th homerun?
Tet Offensive
What was the same of the North Vietnamese attack into south Vietnam in which the North Vietnamese captured several cities in South Vietnam? It proved to the American people that the war was long from being over.
Gulf of Tonkin
What was the name of the Resolution that was issued by President Johnson which said that the US would take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the US forces and provided legal justification for US involvement in the Vietnam conflict?
Ronald Reagan
Who served as President of the US from 1980-1988
El Salvador
What central American nation did Reagan send 50 military advisers to prevent a communist takeover?
Which middle Eastern nation asked the US to intervene and restore order b/c of the strife caused by muslim --- there? The US wound up withdrawing early.
Nelson Mandela
Who led the fight against apartheid in South Africa?
Saddam Hussein
Who was the dictator of Iraq who led the invasion of Kuwait?
What issue did Bill Clinton make the central point of the 1992 presidential election?
which Asian nation did Clinton lift the trade embargo on in 1994?
to stop communism
Why did the US send troops to Grenada?
Lech Walesa
Who was the leader of the Solidarity Movement in Poland?
Who was the leading computer manufacturer during the 1980's?