SS.7.C.1.2 VOCAB


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Common Sense
a pamphlet published by Thomas Paine in 1776 to convince the American colonists to support becoming independent from England
English Bill of Rights
a government document that expanded the powers of the English Parliament and expanded the rights of the people, as well as further limited the rights of the king; written by the members of the English Parliament in 1689
limited monarchy
a system of government in which the king or queen shares authority with an elected legislature and agrees to be bound by a constitution or a set of laws, also known as a constitutional monarchy
Magna Carta
a government document that limited the power of the king of England and protected the rights of the nobility; written by the English nobles in 1215
Mayflower Compact
an agreement between individuals that created a government that would provide order and protect the rights of the colonists; written by a group of English Puritans in Massachusetts in 1620
popular or representative system where the people create and run their own government