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College Algebra Final formulas

Quadratic Equation

Midpoint Formula

Slope Intercept

Stnd Form of a Circle

General Form of a Circle

Vertex Formula

Testing Symmetry

Difference Quotient

Compound Interest Formula

Compound Interest Formula solved for P

Continuously Compound Interest Formula

Radioactive Decay Formula

Af=Ai(2)-t/h Where Af is Amount Final(at present) is equal to Amount Initial times two raised to the negative of the amount of time passed divided by the Halflife.

Malthusian Population Growth

P = Pµeⁿ°
Where P is current population, Pµ is initial population, e is raised to the ()number in years times the °growth rate (birth rate - death rate)

Logarithmic Relationships

Pascals Triangle

Permutations Formula

Combinations Formula

nCr = n!/r!(n-r)!

Combinations Formula

P(n,r) = n!/(n-r)!

Permutations Formula

Log Power Rule

logαMⁿ =nlogαM

Log Change of Base Formula

Binomial Expansion

Factorial Notation

n! = n × (n - 1) × (n - 2) × (n - 3) × ... × 3 × 2 × 1

Binomial Expansion By Pascals Triangle

Definition of Term in Binomial Expansion

Summation Notation

Point Slope Form

Standard Form of a Line

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