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Battle of Bull Run showed that

it would be a long war

women often participated in the civil war by

acting as spies

battle of antietam was the

bloodiest battle of the civil war

general lee marched into maryland to

gain European support

who won the battle of antietam


why were the death tolls so high?

rifles, cannons, and artillery made killing easy

what happened to soldiers who were wounded in battle?

most died from disease

why was Gettysburg considered a turning point in the war

lee would only fight a defensive war

what caused controversy on the union home front

the draft which caused riots

why was Vicksburg important?

determined who controlled the MIssissippi river

who won the battle at vicksburg?


what problems developed on the confederate home front

lack of food, supplies, cut railroad lines

what is important about the mass. 54th regiment

won respect from the union army

how did african americans contribute to the war effort

fought 500 battles, poorly trained and equipped

what is total war

war on the enemy's will to fight and means to support an army

lincoln's war plan was called

the anaconda plan

the emancipation proclamation freed slaves in

the confederate states

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