SS.7.C.1.9 VOCAB


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accountability to the law
Everyone must answer to the law. Citizens and public officials are legally responsible for their actions and there are consequences if they break the law.
rule of law
the idea that those who govern must follow the laws; no one is above the law
fair procedures
The government has rules to run the country. The government must follow those rules when they make decisions and make sure their decisions are fair to citizens.
decisions based on the law
When a person faces a problem with the law they have a right to use the legal system and present their views and facts to try and solve the problem. This also means that judges will use the law to determine whether or not a person is guilty of breaking the law.
consistent application
The law applies to everyone equally regardless of how rich they are or what kind of job they have.
enforcement of the law
Police provide citizens with a feeling of safety in their community. The police follow the law and have rules for dealing with crime. People found guilty of breaking the law face consequences for their acts.
transparency of institutions
The procedures of the judicial branch are clear and can be understood by the people. Courts are open to the public and not hidden behind locked doors.