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Terms that erebody' wit swag should know


The force that pulls in ladies around the world

Swagetic Energy

The energy that creates any swag reaction


The measure of swag that anyone gives off, Honey Badger has the greatest swagioactivity

Honey Badger

The most swagest animal alive, nobody messe wit it.

Swagular Reaction

When swag levels reach the overswagulation point and swag particles are uncontrollable

Swag Displacement

When one swag atom is greater than another and it pushes it out of the picture

Swag Bond

When the swag of one person pulls in the swag of another and they become linked.

Swag Counter

Measure the amount of swag in an area or person.


The swag nickname for Adam Freiburger

Swag Factor

Initial swag divided by final swag


The swag nickname of Lucas "Cap Daddy" Capito

King of Swag

Jonah "Like A Boss" Weber

Burn Daddy Swag

The ultimate ISP professor

Swag Period

Mr. Burn Daddy Swag's Fith period class

Anti Swag

The non swag force put off by haters like Maddi Goodwin

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