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Over all the sections in Chapter 11

A political debate produced many plans for bring about progress.

Define the progressive era.

A muckrake is a rake or pitchfork uesd to clean manure and hay out of stables, Theodore Roosevelt used this term on Journalist who informed the public about wrongdoing in business

Define the term muckrackers.

Injunctions-court orders that prohibit a certain activity.

Define the term injunctions.

Social welfare programs help ensure a minimum of standard living.

What are Social welfare programs.

relating to a city,as in municipal government.

Define municipal

Home rule is a system that gives cities a limited degree on self rule.

What is home rule?

An election in which citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections.

Define Direct Primary.

A process, in which citizens can put a proposed new law directly in the ballot.

What is initiative?

A process that allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by the legislature.

Define referendum.

Procedure permits voters to remove public officials from office before the next election.

what is a recall?

a firm that buys up stocks and bonds of smaller companies

what is a holding company?

people who favor the protection of natural resources.

what are conservationists

Roosevelt's plan to Changing America

What is New Nationalism.

The new party of progressive and the moose was their symbol to challenge the democrats and republicans

What was the Bull Moose Party?

power to order firms and business tactics

What was the (FTC)

Divided the country into 12 districts for federal reserve banks

What is the Federal Reserve System?

they played a role in major reformation

what were women groups

safer conditions and more legal rights

What were some reforms in the workplace

They opened nation parks and had environment programs set up.

What were they doing to protect the enviroment.

Nonviolent refusal to obey a law in an effort to change that law

What was civil disobedience

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