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Examples of anxiety disorders

Panic disorder, a phobia, OCD

Panic disorder

sudden attacks of intense fear or anxiety

A phobia

extreme anxiety and fear associated with the object or situation or avoidance.


obsessions (uncontrollable thoughts) and compulsions (actions which are used to neutralize the obsessions). You are born with this.

What is agoraphobia?

anxiety disorder in which there are repeated attacks of intense fear and anxiety, and a fear of being in places where escape might be difficult, or where help might not be available

What are dissociative disorders?

Disruption in consciousness, memory, identity, or perception. One of these areas is not working so they cause distress within the individual

What is schema?

The should, we should do this.

What is a script?

Your knowledge about the sequence of events and actions that is expected of a particular social role in a given setting

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