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semester one exam

the density of pure diamond is 3.5 g/cm^3. what is the volume of diamond with a mass of .25g?

.071 cm^3

what is the density of 37.72 g of material whose volume is 6.80 cm^3?

5.55 g/cm^3

the measurement of .035550 g rounded off to two significant figures would be?

.036 g

the number of significant figures in the measured value .0320 g is?


three samples of 1.12 g, 1.8 g, and 1.562 g are mixed together. the combined mass of the three samples, expressed to the correct number of sign. figures would be recorded as?

4.5 g

how many moles of atoms are in 50.15 g of mercury (atomic mass 200.59 amu)?

.2500 mol

a prospector finds 39.39 g of pure gold (atomic mass 196.9665 amu). she has how many atoms?

1.204 X 10^23

the electron notation for aluminum(atomic number 13) is

1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^1

in period 3 there are 8 elements. what sublevel(s) is (are) being filled?

s and p

the energy required to remove an elctron from an atom is the atom's?

ionization energy.

a measure of the abillity of an atom in a chemical compound to attract electrons from another atom in the compound is called?


when an elctron is acquired by a neutral atom, the energy change is called

electron affinity

withn a group of elements, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius?


across a period in the periodic table, atomic radii?

gradually decrease

the ionization energies for removing successive elctrons from sodium are 496 kJ/mol, 4562 kJ/mol, 6912 kJ/mol, and 9544 kJ/mol. the great jump in ionzation energy after the first electron is removed indicated that?

the noble gas configuration has been reached

which is best reason that the atomic radius generally increases with atomic number in each group of elements?

the number of occupied energy levels increases

the ionization energies required to remove successive electrons from one mole of calcium atoms are 590 kJ/mol, 1145 kJ/mol, 2912 kJ/mol, and 6474 kJ/mol. the most common ion of calcium is probally?


the elctorns abailbale to be lost, gained, or shared when atoms form compounds are called?

valence electrons

what is the formula for the compund formed by lead(II) ions and chromate ions?


what is the formual for aluminum sulfate?


what is the formual for barium hydroxide?


name the compound Ni(ClO3)2

nickel(II) chlorate

name the compund Zn3(PO4)2

trizinc polyoxide

name the compound the compound KClO3

potassium chlorate

name the compound Fe(NO3)2

Iron (II) Nitrate

name the compond Al2S3

aluminum sulfide

name the compound CF4

carbon tetrafluoride

name the compound SO3

sulfur trioxide

name the compound N2O3

dinitrogen trioxide

what is the formula for hydrochloric acid?


what is the oxidation number of oxygen in H2O2?


name the compound N2O2

nitrogen (II) oxide

name the compound H2O using the Stock system

hydrogen (I) oxide

name the compound CO2 using the stock system

carbon (IV) oxide

the molar mass of H2O is 18.02 g/mol. how many grams of H2O are present in .20 mol?

3.6 g

how man moles of OH- ions are present in 3.00 mol of Ca(OH)2?

3.61 X 10^24

how may molecules are there in 5.0 g of methyl alcohol, CH3OH?

9.4 X 10^22

what is the precentage composition of CuCl2?

47.27% Cu, 52.73% Cl

What is the empirical formula for a compound that is 31.9% potassium, 28.9% chlorine, and 39.2% oxygen?


a compound contains 259.2 g of F and 40.8 g of C. what is the empirical formula for this compound?


A compound empirical formula is NO2. if the formula mass is 92 amu, what is the molecular formula?


The Haber process for producing ammonia commerically is rep by the equation N2(g) + 3H2(g)--> 2NH3(g). to completely covert 9.0 mol hydrogen gas to ammonia gas, how many moles of nitrogen gas are required?

3.0 mol

for the reaction rep by the equation 2HNO3+Mg(OH)2--> 2H2O how many grams of water are produced from 6.00 mol of hydrogen?

108 g

for the reactio rep by the equation 2HNO3+Mg(OH)2--> Mg(NO3)2+2H2O, how many grams of magnesium nitrate are produced from 8.00 mol of nitric acid, HNO3, and an excess of magnisium hydroxide?


Acids Gernally release H2 gas when they reach with

active metals

acids make litmus paper turn


bases taste


bases feel


an oxyacid contains

oxygen, hydrogen, and on other element

which of the following is a chlorous acid? a. HCLO b.HCLO2 c.HCLO3


copared with acids that have suffix -ic, acids that have the suffix -ous contain

less oxygen

what aci is manufactured in largest quantity?

sulfuric acid

what acid is used mainly in the maufacture of explosives, rubber, plastics, dyes, and drugs?

nitric acid

what acid is produced in the stomach?

hydrochloric acid

what acid is found in vinegar?

acetic acid

what is the basic assumption in the arrhenius theory?

bc acids and bases conduct electric current, they must produce ions in solution.

what is an arrhenius acid?

a chemical compound that decreases the concentration of hydroxide ions in aqueous solution

what is an arrhenius base?

a chemical compound that increases the concentration of hydroxide ions in aqueous solution

a substance that ionizes nearly completely in aqueious solutions and prouces H3O+ is a

strong acid

which of the following is not a strong acid? a.HNO3 b.CH3COOH c. H2SO4 d. HCl


which of the following is a triprotic acid?


hydroxides of group 1 metals

are all strong bases

which of the following is a weak base? a.KOH b.Ca(OH)2 c. NH3 d. HCl


a bronsted-lowry acid is

a proton donor

in the equation HCl(g)+H2O(l) yields H3O+(aq)+ Cl-, which species is a bronsted- lowry acid?


a bronsted-lowry base is

proton acceptor

in the reaction NH3 + H2O yields NH4+OH-, H2O is a

bronsted-lowry acid

a lewis acid is

an elctron pair acceptor

which definition of an acid is the broadest?


a conjugate base is the species that

remains after an acid has given up a proton

how many conjugate acid-base pairs participate in a bronsted-lowry acid base reaction?


the two members of a conjugate acid base pair differ by

a proton

in the reaction HCLO3+NH3 yeilds NH4^+ + ClO3, the conjugate base of NH4 is


in the reaction CH3COOH + H2O yields H3O^+ + CH3COO-, the conjugate base of H3O+ is


the conjugate of a strong base is

weak acid

if a substance has great tendency to give up protons, its conjgate has

slight tendency to accept protons

in the equation HI+H2O yields H3O^+ + I-, HI is a strong acid and I- is a

weak base

an amphoteric species is one that reacts as an

acid or base

which of the following is amphoteric? a. acid only b. base only c. acid and base d. none of the above


the substanced produced when KOH(aq) neutralized HCl (aq) are

H2O(l) and KCl(aq)

which of the following gases does not dissoolve in atmospheric water to produce acidic solutions?
a.NO b.NO2 c.O2 d.CO2


acids taste


aqueous solutions of bases

conduct electricity

-ic has the suffix


the tradition definition of acids is based on the observations of


a solution that contains OH- form a soluble base is


when water is added to a basic anhyddride

a basic solution results

where in teh periodic table, are elements that form basic anhydrides located?

in the left and center

chlorine could be expected to form

an acidic oxide

acids react with carbonated to produce

carbon dioxide, water, and salts

magnesium sulfate is a product of the reaction between

Mg(OH)2 and H2SO4

in water, hydroxides of grouop 1 metals

are all insoluble

acid anhydrides and basic anhydrides

contain oxygen

which of the following has components that are obvioulsy different

heterogeneous mixture

all of the following are homogenious mixtures except? a. sodium chloride b. sugar water solution c. gasoline d. salt water solution


which of the following is not a solute- solvent combination? a. gas gas combo b. gas liquid combo c. gas solid combo d. liquid solid combo


which mixture contains visible particles that settle out unless the mixture is stirred?


whihc mixture contains particle sthat are in a dispersed phase and do not settle out?

a colloid

an aerosol dispenser contains a colloidal dispersion of

gas and liquid

colloids do what with light?


the tyndall effect is used to distinguish between

colloids and heterogeneious mixtures

to conduct electricity a solution must contain


which of the follwing is a nonelectrolyte
a.NaCl b. HCl c. sugar d. KCl


increasing the surface are between solute and solvent does what to the rate of dissolution?


raising the collision rate between solute adn solvent does what to dissolution


what solution is at equilibrium when undissolved solute is visible?

a saturated

if the amount of dissolved solute in a solution at a given temp is greater then the amount that can permanently remian in solution at that temp the solution is said to be


the solubility of a substance at a given temp can be expressed as

amount of solute per amoung of solvent

the rate of dissolution is related to solubility how?


in the expression like dissolves like, the word that refers to similarity in molecular is


endothermic dissolution processes

absorb heat and have positive heats of solution

which attraction releases energy


increasing temp favors dissolution when

the heat of the solution is positive

the dissolution of gases in liquids is generally


which of the follwing values for heat of solution at 25 degrees celcious reps the greated release of energy? a. -3.59 kJ/mol b. -.01 kJ/mol c.+1.33 kJ/mol d. + 12.40 kJ/mol


henrys law relates

pressure to gas-liquid solubility

the solubility of gases in liquids

always increase with increasing pressure

effervecense is the

escape of gas from a gas-liquid solution

as temp increas, solubility in liquids

always increases

which of the following is expressed in grams of solute instead of moles of solute?


what is the molarity fo a solution that contains 125 g NaCl in 4.00 L solution?

.535 M

what is the molality of a solution that contains 31.0 g HCl in 5.00 kg water?

.170 m

how many moles of HCl are present in .70L of a .33 M HCl solution?

.23 mol.

the concentration of water solution of NaCl is 2.48 m and itcontains 805 g of water. how much NaCl is in the solution?

2.00 g

an NaOH solution contains 1.90 mol of NaOh and its concentraton is .555 M whawt is the volume?

3.42 L

How many milliliters wter are needed to make .171 M solution that contains 1.00 g of NaCl

100. mL

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