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In "the world is too much with us", the speaker wishes to be..

closer to the beautities of the natural world

what is the rhyme scheme of "the world is too much with us"?


in "it is a beauteous evening, calm and free", the speaker talks directly to..

a child

in "my heart leaps up" the speaker believes that..

people of all ages should view nature with childlike wonder

early in the poen, "lines composed.." wordsworth admires the country around tintern abbey for its..

natural beauty

in the 5 yrs since the poet's last visit, the land around the Abbey has..

provided the poet with many happy memories

in the world is too much with us, the poet laments that people are out of tune with..


which of the following would not be considered an element of prose?

use of rhyme

in the last stanza of "lines written..." , the poet speaks directly to...

his sister

in the following lines from "lines written..", wordworth doesnt complete the sentence until the end of the third line. what literary element is illustrated by this?


what lit element is illustarted by "The Child is father of Man."?


ex of slant rhyme?


descriptive words and imagery in the first stanza of "the lamb" suggest that the lamb is a symbol of..


the rime of the ancient mariner is...

a literary ballet narrated by a mariner

the narrator of the rime of the ancient mariner..

relates his tale to a man on his way to a wedding

the narrator is able to keep his listener's attention..

with his glittering eye

which phrase does not contain imagery?

"Oh let me be awake, my God! Or let me sleep away"

what happens to the albatross?

the mariner shoots it with a crossbow

who rescues the Mariner after his ship sinks?

the Pilot

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