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pretty much the test :)

Where are ribosomes made?


The interbal space of the rough ER


The garbage collectors of the cell


Large sack in plant cell that stores water


Foldede inner membrane of the mitochondria where the cellular respiration occurs


all are part of the choloroplast EXCEPT


the thickest of the cytosjeleton filaments are


what two fuels are needed by the mitonchondria in order to make ATP?

O2 & C6 H12 O6

This organelle acts like the United States Postal Service, in that it collects, stores, modifies, and ships out proteins to be exported?


This organelle is a protein factory


this organelle is a maze-like extension of the nuclear membrane

endoplasmic reticulum

the cytoskeleton has this or these functions

cell structure and support
anchorage of organelles
movement for and within the cell

a prokaryote cell would not have

ER (smooth and rough)

a eukaryote cell has DNA in this form

single stranded (half the ladder)

this organelle is thought to have once been a prokaryote


this organelle is found in plants and has its own DNA and a green pigment


the stoacks of dic shaped internal sacks of a choloroplast are called


this organelle is responsible for regulating Calcium levels for muscle cell contractions

smooth ER

the liquid part of a cell is known as


made of cpomplex-carbohydrate this strucure is rigid and helps protect single celled organisms

cell wall

this organelle is abundant in liver cells because it helsp to metablozie toxins

smooth ER

Cells that have no nucleus or membrane bound organelles


the structure of the cell membrane is

a phospholipid bilayer

volume is the measurement of

length times width times height

DNA that is loosely packed and expressed hereditarty information


"Karyote" refers to what

ATP production

a "fluid mosaic of embeddexd protiens, fats, and carbohydrates" is describing the structure of

cell membrane

which cell structure woild be invloved in seperating DNA during cell division


when single celled organisms join forces and function as one unified mass this is called


in multicellular animals and plants, cells are specialized to work together, this is called


the TISSUE of animals that covers the outside and the inside linings is called


this animals tissue allows for involuntary contractions: example: diaphragm

smooth muscle

the theory that dscribes the belief that mitochondria and choloroplasts once were bacteria that have been taken in by larger cells to become eukaryotic organellse is called

Endosymbiotic Theory

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