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Match the instrument with its description.


a woodwind made of metal, has a bright, very high pitched tone and is about a foot long


a woodwind made of metal, has light, birdlike tones, high pitched


a woodwind made of wood that uses a double reed, is about two feet long, has a very bright, nasal tone


a woodwind made of wood that uses a single reed, is about two feet long, has a very smooth, pleasing tone

English Horn

a woodwind made of wood that uses a double reed, has a bubble shaped bell, has a soft, muffled tone


a woodwind made of brass that uses a single reed, not usually a member of the orchestra


a woodwind made of wood that uses a double reed, is about eight feet of tubing folded in half, plays deep low tones

Contra bassoon

Lowest instrument in the woodwind family, has about 16 feet of tubing


the smallest brass instrument with a bright tone, high pitched

French Horn

a brass instrument with a soft, pleasing tone, played with one hand inside of the large bell


a brass instrument with a slide instead of valves, bright and loud tone


a brass instrument with a deep sometimes amusing tone, has a "brother" called the sousaphone for marching band


a brass instrument, looks like a tuba but is smaller


the smallest string instrument, has the largest number of players in the orchestra


a string instrument that is played under the chin, and plays lower tones than the violin


a large string instrument that sits on the floor with an end pin, sounds the most like a human voice

String Bass

the lowest and largest string instrument, player usually stands or sits on a tall chair

Snare Drum

Non-pitched percussion, played with drumsticks, has metal rings underneath that add a raspy tone but can be turned off

Bass Drum

Non-pitched percussion large drum with a deep, booming tone


Pitched percussion, large bowl shaped drum, comes in different sizes, can be tuned to play a variety of pitches, also called a kettledrum

Orchestra Bells

Pitched percussion - small, metal bars usually played with small metal mallets


Pitched percussion, made of wood, has bars arranged like a piano


Non-pitched percussion, round brass discs with a crashing tone


Non-pitched percussion, round metal disc with a long lasting tone


Non-pitched percussion, small metal instrument played with a metal rod


Pitched percussion - has 88 keys, also a string instrument


String and Percussion instrument with 47 strings, most recognized for it's glissando's


Pitched percussion, long metal tubes played with a soft hammer, bell-like tones

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