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Ancient Egypt's monuments

Famous Egyptian pharoahs' monuments
Step Pyramid
-First pyramid to be built in Egypt.
-Built to be used as a tomb for the pharoah Djoser.
The Great Pyramid
The largest and grandest of the pyramids; built for King Khufu around 2540 B.C.; one of three still standing in Giza on the west bank of the Nile
Bent Pyramid
built by Snefru
-angle of inclination changes from 55 to 43 in the upper section because it was modified during construction due to the unstable initial angle.
Deir El Bahri
Temple - Hatshepsut's most famous monument. One of the most elegant in Egypt. Located in Thebes.
Red Pyramid
A third Pyramid built by Sneferu. Made of red limestone.
Large stone statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man that was built by the ancient Egyptians.
Abu Simbel
Built by Ramses the great. contains:
1. 4 statues of Ramses
2. each statue rises up to 69 feet.
3. cut into the cliffs

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