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Bowen Family Systems Theory

According to Bowen, in order to grow on a personal level one (therapist and client) must gain a more ____________________.
...distanced view of herself and others.
Bowen believed that with theory as a guid to therapeutic action ____________________.
a therapists personal issues are less likely to influence therapy.
The 8 basic principles of Bowen's Family System's theory are: FNPMSTES
1.Fusion (emotional) versus differentiation of self
2.Nuclear family emotional system
3.projection (Family) process
4.Multigeneration transmition process
5.Sibling position
7.Emotional cutoff
8.Societal emotional process
Codependancy is the lay-term for ____
When an individual is emotionally fused with his family he tends to _____________.
...set his needs aside to keep the peace.
Fusion can be expressed as __________ or ___________
intense responsibility for another's reactions OR emotional cutoff from the intensity of the relationship.
Fusion is said to be responsible for high _____________ and therefore great ___________ in families.
...high emotional reactivity and therefore great conflict in families.
According to Bowen ______________ is the ultimate aim of therapy and even a ____________ goal.
Self differentiation will exist in people who _______________.
have succeeded in resolving their issues of fusion within their family.
Another characteristic of a highly differentiated person is her ability to ____________________
extricate herself from her emotions and examine situations from an intellectual point-of-view.
Bowen believes that it is essential for both the therapist and the client to subjectively _______________ and solve problems without ____________.
...identify inter-behavioral patterns and solve problems without being overwhelmed by the content of the family's problems
A lack of differentiaton often results in___________________.
...the projection of the parents' probblems onto their children.
The multigenerational transmission process:
Undifferentiation results in projection of parents' problems onto the children and this is passed from generation to generation.
A self-perpetuating cycle which occurs when anxiety in a dyad is relieved by involving a vulnerable third party. (child/pet)
Sibling relationships
By examining sibling relationships Bowen could better predict what role a person would play in her family/relationships..
Emotional cutoff
Physsical/emotional distancing that occurs when individual is actually still qquite fused with family.
Process of Society
Emotional cutoff carries over into work/social-life/school
A Family Systems Theory therapist keeps and ________________, practicing Bowen's ideal of ____________ from ___________ and ________________
...emotional distance......detachment of intellect from emotion and content.
Bowen believes it is unnecessary to include _____________ in therapy. This was based on the theory that _____________________.
...it was the triangulations projections of parents and former generations that influenced the children.
By treating _________ or even ______ the entire family could be treated.
...parents...a single individual
Assessment and evaluation involve _________________.
...observaton of that family's communication patterns and dynamics.
The __________ is traced, often through use of a __________ through the history of the nuclear family, into the extended family system.
...presenting problem....genogram
It is by observing the projections and patterns of triangulation that the therapist can ______________ in regards to what she has observed.
The family will actually be educated onn teh principles of __________, which will involve them in their own_______________.
...Family Systems Theory....
...increased awareness..
It is believed that with this awareness an increase in ______________ will occur.
This self-differentiation will result in _________________.
...more balanced and less emotionally reactive relationships.
According to Bowen, self-differentiation as a_________________.
..life-long endeavor.