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John Marshall's decision in Marbury v. Madison was significant because it

established the principle of judicial review

The primary goal of the American Colonization Society was to

help freed slaves return to Africa

Which of the following statements is true about John Rolfe and his impact upon the economic development of Colonial North America?

He experimented with tobacco cultivation, which soon became a profitable export

The onset of the Panic of 1837 and the Great Depression shared what cause?

Unregulated banking systems

American revolutionaries sought the assistance of France in their war against the British. However, France initially refused to recognize the sovereignty of the States and withheld military aid until the American victory at

Saratoga, 1777

The results of the election of 1800 were unique because

the election ended in an electoral tie

What reformer attempted to help the mentally ill?

Dorothea Dix

The Proclamation of 1763

attempted to limit colonial expansion

The Federalist Papers were

Essays written to gain support the ratification of the Constitution

Which of the following best assesses the results of the election of 1824?

Jacksonian believed a corrupt bargain cost their candidate the election

What was an incident of the Mexican American War?

Slidell Mission

What treaty granted the American states the land from the Appalachians to the Mississippi?

Treaty of Paris, 1783

Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton supported the Assumption Act because it

enabled the federal government to tax the states in order to repay debts accumulated during the Revolutionary War

The Emancipation Proclamation had which of the following effects?

It kept Great Britain from recognizing the Confederacy

The principal reason for drafting the Bill of Rights was the desire to

protect rights not specified in the Constitution

Which of the following statements about the "American System" is correct?

It was designed to meet the nation's need for economic progress and self sufficiency

In 1861, the North went to war with the South primarily to

preserve the Union

What contributed most to the American victory in the Revolution?

French military and financial assistance

When Thomas Jefferson said in 1801, "We are all Republicans- we are all Federalists", he meant

the principles of American government were above party politics

What was true of a married woman in the colonial era?

She generally lost control of her property when she married

Who stressed the importance of individual inspiration, self-reliance, dissent, and nonconformity?

Henry David Thoreau

The Hartford Convention was a manifestation of

New England Federalists' opposition to the War of 1812

The primary purpose of the Stamp Act was to

raise revenue to support British troops stationed in America

The Declaration of Independence did not

call for the abolition of slave trade

Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana had its origins in his desire to

acquire a port to provide an outlet for western crops

Andrew Jackson did not support

the right of nullification

Which provision of the Compromise of 1850 provoked the most controversy?

the strengthened fugitive slave law

In the early 1830's the majority of workers in the textile mills of Massachusetts were

young unmarried women from rural New England

The settlement founded in the early 1600's that was the most important for the future of the US was


Religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening resulted in

a strong religious influence in many areas of American life

By the 1850s the crusade for women's rights was eclipsed by


One of the major tests the new nation passed was when

power was transferred peacefully from the Federalists to the Jeffersonians

Shay's Rebellion was provoked by

foreclosures on the mortgages of the backcountry farmers

The Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention worked out an acceptable scheme for

appropriating congressional representation

In order to persuade the Border States to remain in the Union, President Lincoln

declared martial law where needed

As the Civil War began, the South seemed to have the advantage of

more talented military leaders

Nativists in the 1850s were known for their

anti-Catholic and antiforeign attitudes

The Panic of 1857 resulted in

calls for restrictions on land and stock speculation

The long range purpose of the Albany Congress in 1754 was to

achieve colonial unity and common defense against the French threat

The House of Representatives decided the 1824 presidential election when

no candidate received a majority of the Electoral College

The purpose of the spoils system was

to reward political supporters with public office

The Force Bill of 1833 provided that

the president could use the army and navy to collect federal tariff duties

The influx of immigrants to the US tripled, then quadrupled in the

1830's and 1840's

In the case of Commonwealth v. Hunt, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts ruled that

labor unions were legal

The cult of domesticity

glorified the traditional role of women as homemakers

The nomination of James K. Polk as the Democrats' 1844 presidential candidate was secured by


The Missouri Compromise did not

reduce sectionalism

All of the following acts were passed in order to promote Britain's mercantilist policy EXCEPT

The Virginia Resolutions

The impressments of American sailors was an important cause of

The War of 1812

Which of the following best articulates the meaning of the Monroe Doctrine?

It warned European powers not to attempt to colonize in the Western Hemisphere

Which of the following best characterizes the South in the antebellum period?

The South was opposed to a high protective tariff

In his farewell address Washington recommended that

The US should maintain a policy of neutrality with other nations

This event took place in 1794 when Pennsylvania farmers refused to pay an excise tax

Whiskey Rebellion

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