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A&P 121 - Exam #6 Ch14-15

Longitudinal Fissure
The two cerebral hemispheres are seperated by the
Divisions of the cerebral hemispheres that are named after the overlying skull bones are
Parietal Lobe
The cerebral area posterior to the central sulcus is the
Lateral Sulcus
The superior border of the temporal lobe is marked by the
Parkinson's Disease
Damage to the substantia nigra causes a decrease in the neurotransmitter dopamine. This causes a gradual, generalized increase in muscle tone, which is the main syptom of
Which of the following is not one of the special senses
Inhibition of nuclei; located along a sensory pathway
Central adaptation refers to
Fast Pain
Which of the following is sometimes called "prickling pain"
Endorphins can reduce perception of sensations initiated by
Requires the coordinated activity of several regions of the brain
Complex motor activities such as riding a bicycle
Upper Motor
Motor neurons whose cell bodies are within the spinal cord are called__________ neurons
In order for a sensation to become a perception
Receptor Specificity
Gustatory receptors are sensitive to dissolved chemicals but insensitive to light. This is due to
Peripheral adaptaion _________ the number of action potentials that reach the CNS
Receptors that monitor the position of joints belong to the category called
Mechanoreceptors that respond to changes in blood pressure
Ventrio Lateral, Medullary Surface, Sensitive to pH
Chemoreceptors are loc
posterior spinocerebellar
The spinal tract that carries sensation from the proprioceptors to the CNS is the
fosciulus gracilis
Which ascending tract carried the sensation for fine touch and vibration
anterior spinothalmic
The spinal tract that relays information concerning pain and temp to the CNS is the
spinothalmic pathway, posterior column pathway, spinocerebellar pathway
Each of the following is an ascending tract in the spinal cord
The afferent neuron that carries the sensation to the CNS is a __________ neuron
Thalamic neurons that project to the primary sensory cortex are ________ neurons
Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Diencephalon, Brainstem
Which of these are main divisions of the adult brain?
Sensory information is processed and relayed to the cerebrum by the
Autonomic centers that control BP, heart rate, and digestion are located in the
The ______ provides the principal link between the nervous and endocrine system
is secreted by ependymal cells
Cerebrospinal fluid
Arbor Vitae
The white matter of the cerebellum form the
Process sensory information and relay it to the cerebrum
Which of the following is a function of the thalamus?
are a collection of nuclei at the rostral end of the dorsal thalamus
The anterior nuclei of the thalamus
Produces ADH, secretes oxytocin, regulates body temp, controls autonamic centers
Which of the following is a function of the hypothalamus?
Yes - hippocampus, amygbaloid, cingulate gyrus
No - caudate nucleus, functions in maintaining homeostasis in cold weather
Which of the following is a component of the limbic system?
Only about _____ percent of the information provided by afferent fibers reached the cerebral cortex and our awareness
Sensory neurons from specific body regions project to specific cortical regions
We can localize sensations that originate in different areas of the body because
Lateral corticospinal
The descending spinal tract that crosses to the opposite side of the body within the cord is the _____ tract
voluntary control over skeletal system
The pyramidal system provides
cranial motor nuclei
Axons of the corticobulbar tract terminate in the
Lateral corticospinal
Axons that decussate between the pyramids of the medulla oblongata belong to the ____ tract
precentral gyrus
The primary motor cortex is the surface of the
occipital lobe
The visual cortex is located in the
temporal lobe
The auditory cortex is located in the
Cortical regions that interpret sensory information or coordinate motor respinses are called ___ areas
Prefrontal cerebral cortex
The region of the brain responsible for predicting the consequences of events or actions is the
The sense of taste projects to the gustatory cortex located in the
commissural fibers
The corpus callosum is composed of
basal nuclei
Within each hemisphere, deep to the floor of the lateral ventricle, you will find the
medulla oblongata
The cariovascular reflexes are based in the
The highest levels of information processing occur in