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ἀληθεια, ἡ


ἁμαρτια, ἡ

sin (hamartiology)
[the study of sin])

βασιλεια, ἡ

kingdom, reign

διακονια, ἡ

ministry, service

ἐκκλησια, ἡ

church (ecclesiastical,
[related to the church])

ἐξουσια, ἡ

authority, right

ἐπιθυμια, ἡ

desire, lust

ἡμερα, ἡ

day (ephemeral)

καρδια, ἡ

heart (cardiac)

μαρτυρια, ἡ

testimony (martyr)

οἰκια, ἡ


παρρησια, ἡ

boldness, confidence

σοφια, ἡ

wisdom (sophisticated)

σωτηρια, ἡ

salvation (soteriology)

χαρα, ἡ

joy (Charissa)

ὡρα, ἡ

hour (horoscope)

γλωσσα, ἡ

tongue, language

δοξα, ἡ

glory (doxology)

θαλασσα, ἡ

sea (thallasic,
[pertaining to the sea])

ἀγαπη, ἡ

love (the Agape,
[the love feast])

ἀρχη, ἡ

beginning (archaic)

γη, ἡ

earth, land (geology)

γραφη, ἡ

Scripture, writing

διαθηκη, ἡ


διδαχη, ἡ

teaching (the Didache
[an early Christian writing])

δικαιοσυνη, ἡ


εἰρηνη, ἡ

peace (Irene)

ἐντολη, ἡ


ἐπιστολη, ἡ

letter (epistle)

ζωη, ἡ

life (zoology)

κεφαλη, ἡ

head (encephalitis,
[inflammation of the brain])

ὀργη, ἡ

anger, wrath

παραβολη, ἡ

parable (parabolic)

περιτομη, ἡ


προσευχη, ἡ


συναγωγη, ἡ


ὑπομονη, ἡ

endurance, steadfastness

φωνη, ἡ

voice, sound (phonology)

ψυχη, ἡ

soul, life (psychology)

μαθητης, ὁ

disciple (mathematics)
√ μαθ

προφητης, ὁ

prophet (prophetic)

στρατιωτης, ὁ

soldier (strategic)

τελωνης, ὁ

tax collector

ὑποκριτης, ὁ

hypocrite (hypocritical)

Μεσσιας, ὁ

Messiah (messianic)

νεανιας, ὁ

young man (neo-orthodox,
from νεός ["new"])


from; away from. of (with gen.)


into; to, for, in (with acc.)


out of; from, by (with gen.)


in; within, by, with, among
(with dat.) (energy)

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