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  1. fundamental attribution error
  2. plasticity
  3. depth perception
  4. chunking
  5. fixed-ratio
  1. a ability to see in 3D, allows distance judgment
  2. b tendency to underestimate circumstance and overestimate disposition
  3. c organizing items into manageable units, often automatic
  4. d brain ability to change
  5. e reinforcement after specific number of responses

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  1. axons fibers connecting brain hemispheres
  2. mental pictures
  3. research method in which an investigator manipulates independent variables to observe effect on some dependent variable
  4. momentary auditory memory
  5. relatively permanent and limitless, includes knowledge, skills, experiences

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  1. closureretention of encoded information


  2. Skinner boxincreases behavior it follows


  3. modelingobserving and imitating specific behavior


  4. amnesialoss of memory


  5. generalizationtendency for similar stimuli to elicit similar response