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  1. survey
  2. sensory adaptation
  3. mean
  4. placebo effect
  5. thalamus
  1. a sensory switchboard
  2. b results caused by expectations alone
  3. c arithmetic average of scores
  4. d technique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group
  5. e diminished sensitivity due to constant stimulation

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  1. observing and imitating specific behavior
  2. believed human emotions and behaviors are all conditioned responses
  3. innately reinforcing stimulus
  4. most frequently occurring score
  5. reinforcement after unpredictable time

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  1. difference thresholdorganizing and interpreting sensory information


  2. punishmentdecreases behavior it follows


  3. central (route to) persuasionfocus on arguments


  4. cerebral cortexoldest part, survival functions


  5. retroactive interferenceprior learning disrupts recall of new information