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  1. classical conditioning
  2. depth perception
  3. survey
  4. flashbulb memory
  5. random sample
  1. a type of learning in which one links stimuli to anticipate events
  2. b technique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group
  3. c fairly represents a population
  4. d ability to see in 3D, allows distance judgment
  5. e clear memory of emotionally significant event

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  1. new learning disrupts recall of old information
  2. observation technique where one person is studied in depth
  3. focus on arguments
  4. diminished sensitivity due to constant stimulation
  5. momentary auditory memory

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  1. secondary reinforcerinnately reinforcing stimulus


  2. obedienceobserving and imitating specific behavior


  3. parasympathetic nervous systemdivision of ANS that arouses


  4. Skinner boxreceiving stimuli


  5. rehearsalbranching neuron extensions that receive messages and conduct impulses toward cell body