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  1. mean
  2. perception
  3. standard deviation
  4. spacing effect
  5. control group
  1. a group not exposed to treatment
  2. b organizing and interpreting sensory information
  3. c computed measure of how much scores vary around the mean
  4. d arithmetic average of scores
  5. e distributed study yields better retention

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  1. memory aids, especially using imagery and organizational devices
  2. perceiving remote events
  3. auditory
  4. controls language expression, muscle movements for speech
  5. ability to distinguish between CS and irrelevant stimuli

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  1. surveytechnique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group


  2. clinical psychologybranch of psychology that assesses and treats people with PDs


  3. neuronneuron extension that passes messages through its fibers to form junctions with neurons, muscles, glands


  4. conformityadjusting behavior to coincide with group standard, unspoken pressure


  5. sensory adaptationdiminished sensitivity due to constant stimulation


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