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  1. survey
  2. classical conditioning
  3. Skinner box
  4. synapse
  5. hindsight bias
  1. a junction between axon tip of sending neuron and dendrite of receiving
  2. b operant chamber, animal presses bar to get food
  3. c technique for determining self-reported attitudes of a group
  4. d tendency to believe, after learning at outcome, that we would have foreseen it
  5. e type of learning in which one links stimuli to anticipate events

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  1. decreases behavior it follows
  2. level of stimulation required to trigger neural impulse
  3. loss of self-awareness and restraint in groups that fosters arousal and anonymity
  4. deviant, distressful, dysfunctional
  5. distributed study yields better retention

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  1. central (route to) persuasionnerve network, controls arousal


  2. figure-groundgroup not exposed to treatment


  3. difference thresholdlevel of stimulation required to trigger neural impulse


  4. imagerymental pictures


  5. sensory adaptationreceiving stimuli