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  1. placebo effect
  2. psychokinesis
  3. mode
  4. variable-interval
  5. occipital (lobes)
  1. a most frequently occurring score
  2. b visual
  3. c reinforcement after unpredictable time
  4. d results caused by expectations alone
  5. e mind over matter

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  1. brain and spinal cord
  2. testable prediction
  3. branch of psychology that assesses and treats people with PDs
  4. branching neuron extensions that receive messages and conduct impulses toward cell body
  5. momentary visual memory

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  1. echoic memorymomentary auditory memory


  2. closurebrain and spinal cord


  3. sensory neuronscarry incoming information from receptors to CNS


  4. spacing effectdistributed study yields better retention


  5. telepathysensory switchboard


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