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  1. Watson
  2. mean
  3. dendrite
  4. extinction
  5. primary reinforcer
  1. a diminishing of CR
  2. b arithmetic average of scores
  3. c innately reinforcing stimulus
  4. d branching neuron extensions that receive messages and conduct impulses toward cell body
  5. e believed human emotions and behaviors are all conditioned responses

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  1. covers axon to speed neural impulses
  2. manipulated experimental factor
  3. tendency to underestimate circumstance and overestimate disposition
  4. type of learning in which behavior is strengthened or weakened with reinforcement or punishment
  5. distributed study yields better retention

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  1. Skinner boxincreases behavior it follows


  2. frontal (lobe)touch and body position


  3. variable-intervalreinforcement after specific time


  4. retroactive interferencestimulus that gains power through association with primary reinforcer


  5. dependent variablemanipulated experimental factor


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