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  1. psychological disorder
  2. retroactive interference
  3. double-blind
  4. primary reinforcer
  5. precognition
  1. a deviant, distressful, dysfunctional
  2. b procedure in which participants and administrators are ignorant
  3. c innately reinforcing stimulus
  4. d perceiving future events
  5. e new learning disrupts recall of old information

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  1. tendency for similar stimuli to elicit similar response
  2. neuron extension that passes messages through its fibers to form junctions with neurons, muscles, glands
  3. perceiving remote events
  4. brain and spinal cord
  5. carry incoming information from receptors to CNS

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  1. standard deviationcomputed measure of how much scores vary around the mean


  2. storageretention of encoded information


  3. applied researchdistributed study yields better retention


  4. classical conditioningbranch of psychology that assesses and treats people with PDs


  5. shapingreinforcing behaviors closer and closer to those desired