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Chapter 5 Lessons 2 and 3 Africa1

Who were the 1st to establish a trading empire in West Africa?
the Berbers
Where did the Berbers come from?
North Africa
What led the Berbers to North Africa?
What kept the Berbers from really establishing a large empire?
Sahara Desert
Who seized control from the Berbers in 780 and began the Ghana Empire?
What does Ghana actually mean in the Mande language?
"king of gold"
Where was the Ghana Empire located?
southeastern Maurtania
What was Ghana's capital? Where was the capital located?
Koumbi, it was located along the Niger River
What was Ghana's economy based on?
gold and salt trade
What name was given to the trading of the two goods?
dumb barter or silent trade
For what other trade items was Ghana known?
humans, copper, ivory, and spices
What religion came to West Africa?
How did the king of the Ghana Empire deal with the different cultures and religions that came to West Africa?
The king was tolerant but did not follow the relgion
Who founded the Mali Empire?
Where was the Mali Empire located?
from the Atlantic Ocean to eastern Mali, Along Niger River
What was Mali's capital city?
What religion did the people of Mali practice?
What were the two pillars of Mali's economy?
Agriculture and Trade
How was Mali able to imrove its economy?
controlling salt, gold, and copper mines in West Africa
What did the Niger River become during the Mali Empire?
a super highway for trade`
What did Mansa Musas hajj do for the Mali Empire?
Mansa Musa's hajj put Mali on the map and bringing back scholars
What led to the Mali Empire's to fall?
The rulers were unable to protect Mali
What year did the Mali Empire fall?
What does Mansa Musa mean?
King Moses
Who conquered the Mali Empire?
When and how did the Songhai Empire begin?
When Mansa Musa died in 1332 the people of the Songhai region refused to pay tribute.
Who was the founder and 1st king of the Songhai Empire?
Sunni Ali
What religion was Sunni Ali?
Muslim ( but not very devoted)
What caused the bridf civil war in the Songhai Empire in 1490s?
Sunni Ali son was so intolerant of Muslims that they overthrew him. They replaced him with Askia Muhammad
After the rebellion what became the dominant religion?
Describe the Songhai Empire in the late 1500s?
The Songhai Empire was larger and wealthier than ever. It was the center of trade and learning. It stretched from the Atlantic to Nigeria and Niger.
What made the Songhai Empire grow weaker after the death of Askia uhammad?
The rulers who succeeded Askia established a small but strong Islamic group. Many stated didn't live it and broke away.
Who conquered and destroyed the Songhai Empire?
Muslim Spaniard Judar Pasha
What caused them to go and conquer the Songhai Empire?
Moroccan king wanted control of mines
What enabled te Songhai Empire be easily defeated?
The Songhai had bows and arrows where Moroccans had guns
What happened to West Africa once the Songhai Empire had fallen?
The Songhai still ruled but in fewer contries then before. Also the people still payed taxes, provided labor, and served in the milatary. It broke into a series of milatary camps governed by European nations in search of West African wealth.