ss 7.3

President Theodore Roosevelt
believed all businesses must be regulated. They had to follow rules
Roosevelt's nickname, because he wanted to break up large trust companies that did not help the welfare of the people
settling the dispute by agreeing to accept the decision of a nuetral outsider.

Coal miners and Theodore Roosevelt
Square Deal
Roosevelts promise for "FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR ALL.
Roosevelt believed in and started the
Meat Inspection Ace and the Pure Food and Drug Act. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Admisttration had the power to visit and Inspect production plants.
The saving of our enviroment and natural resources. Roosevelt very much supported this. He saw to it that we had National Parks, Forest and Wildlife settlements.
President Taft.
came after Theodore Roosevelt. passed the 16th admendment.
16th adminment
Taxes citizens income and gives the money to federal government.
the election in which a political party chooses its candidates. Taft vs. Roosevelt.
Progressive Party/Bull Moose Party
Party Roosevelt formed after he lost the primary to Taft.
President Woodrow Wilson
New Freedom Program - more tax on imported goods
Federal Reserve Act
regulated Banks. It created 12 regional banks and set rules for all banks to follow.
Federal Trade Commission
made to investigate corporations for unfair trade practices.