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  1. An alumin isotope consists of 13 protons, 13 electrons, and 14 neutrons. Its mass number is
  2. A nuclear particle taht has about the same mass as a proton but with no electrical charge is called a(n)
  3. What did Rutherford conclude about the structure of the atom
  4. Most of the volume of an ato is occupied by the
  5. The mass number of an atom is defined as its
  1. a total number of protons and neutrons
  2. b An atom contains a small, dense, positively charged central region
  3. c 27
  4. d neutron
  5. e electron cloud

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  1. nucleus
  2. contains nearly all of the atom's volume
  3. all atoms contain electrons
  4. law of multiple proportions.
  5. 40

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  1. as the atomic masses of the elements in the periodic table increase, th number of atoms in a mole of each elementincreases


  2. The abbreviation for atomic mass unit isabout the same as that of a proton


  3. The average atomic mass of an element depends on both the masses of its isotopes and each isotope'srelative abundance


  4. The number of atoms in a mole of any pure substance is calledAvogadro's number


  5. The electron was descovered byabout the same as that of a proton