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Journal Entry#1 Monster

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First, Steve meets with his attorney.

Then, she explains why he is arrested.

Next, she explains that the state's attorney, a prosecutor, wants them to be killed for killing Mr. Nesbitt. She also says it is her job to make him seem human to the jury.

Then, Steve wants to know if she can win. She says it depends on what he means by winning.

Prosecutor Petrocelli says that Steve Harmon was the lookout for James King and Richard "Bobo" Evans while they committed the robbery. The robbery turned into a murder by accident in a fight. They all ran.

Steve is scared. He writes the word "monster" all over a notebook. His attorney takes the notebook away and says "Believe in yourself."

Jose Delgado said he found the body of Mr. Nesbitt on the floor.

Sandra Petrocelli calls Sal Zinzi to the witness stand. He was in Riker's Island prison because he received stolen property. Sal talked to Wendell Bolden who told him about the Nesbitt murder. Sal Zinzi called Detective Gluck and told him about that conversation because Sal wanted a break or a deal from the prosecutor to get out. Sal told about the cigarettes theft and Bolden was sure it was from the Nesbitt murder. Asa Briggs points out that a break wasn't necessary with only a little time to go. Sal Zinzi wanted out because he felt sexually harassed and fearful. Asa Briggs thinks he is lying. Kathy O'Brien reinforces the idea that he is looking for a deal by saying he used the story to benefit himself. Resolution was that Sal Zinzi got a deal from giving Detective Gluck that information.

FORESHADOW: Steve remembers once when his friend threw a rock. He knew it was a problem and told him to run. Steve did not know Tony would throw it but he knew it would be trouble. He accepts Tony's deflection and says nothinig (This is like his problem now).