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What are the Europeans motivations for exploring the seas?

trade- expanded populations created a higher trade demand

Why is Prince Henry of Portugal important to exploration?

sponsored explorers and claimed islands of the coast of N. Africa.

what are cartographers?

map makers

What are Vasco de Gama's goals in exploration?

sail around the tip of Africa to Asia

What is Christopher Columbus sailing for?

Wanted to reach the East Indies by sailing west- sponsored by Spain.

What is the Line of Demarcation?

a line through the Atlantic Ocean that gave Spain trade rights to the west and Portugal trading rights to the east

Why is Ferdinand Magellan important?

First to circumnavigate, finds and sails through the Strait of Magellan in South America, named Pacific Ocean

How do European countries begin taking over Africa?

taking over trade networks, claiming ports on Africa's coast, setting up slave trade.

Describe the resistance by African leaders.

Affonso I- tried to end slavery in Kongo.
Almany of Futa Toro- forbid slave trade in Futa Toro.

Describe Portugal Eastern Empire.

They made India a major military and commercial base to help control the Spice trade from Asia to Europe.

How do the Dutch get involved in Asia?

They challenge Portugal and make the Dutch East India Company and also control the Spice Islands.

What country does Spain take over?

The Philippines

Describe the interactions between European and Chinese traders.

Europeans wanted silk and porcelain but they had nothing to give the Chinese in return, so the Chinese demanded gold and silver.

Describe the actions that Korea and Japan take in dealing with Europeans.

Korea became isolated to keep from being invaded. Japan first welcomed traders and missionaries but then turned against them when they found out Spain had seized the Philippines.

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