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In summer, humid regions typically have _____ daily temperature ranges and _____ maximum temperatures than drier regions.

smaller, lower

An important reason for the large daily temperature range over deserts is:

there is little water vapor in the air to absorb and re-radiate infrared radiation

If the temperature is 25C and the relative humidity is 50% approximately what is, e the actual vapor pressure?

15 mb

Over the earth as a whole, on woul expect to observe the smallest variation in temperature from day to day and from month to month:

on a small island near then equator

If the temperature is 20C and the actual vapor pressure, e, us 10mb what is the relative humidity?


If the temperature is 35C what is the saturation vapor pressure?

53 mb

The lowest temperature that can be attained by evaporating water into the air is known as the

wet-bulb temperature

At 40F, the atmosphere is saturated with water vapor. If the air temperature increases to 60F, with no addition or removal of water vapor, one may conclude that the dew point is about:


As the air tempwerature increases, with no addition of water vapor to the air, the dew point will:

remain the same

The temperature to which the air must be cooled in order to become saturated is the:

dew point temperature

Suppose saturated polar air has an air temperature and dew point of -10C, and unsaturated desert air has an air temperature of 25C and a dew point of 10C. The desert air contains _____ water vapor and has a ____ relative humidity than the polar air

more, lower

If the air temperature increased, with no addition or removal of water vapor, the actual avpor pressure would:

stay the same

Which of the following is not a reason why water warms and cools much more slowly than land?

it takes more heat to raise the temperature of a given amount of soil 1C than it does to raise the temperature of water 1C

If very cold air is brought indoors anjd warmed with no change in its moisture content, the saturation vapor pressure of this air will ____ and the relative humidity of this air will ____.

increase, decrease

The percentage of water vapor present in the air compared to that required for saturation is the:

relative humidity

At which time of day is the relative humidity normally at a minimum?

when the air temperature is highest

If the air temperature remains constant, evaporating water into the air will ____ the dew point and ____ the relative humidity.

increase, increase

If the air temperature in a room is 70F, the saturation vapor pressure is 25 mb, the dew point temperature is 45F, and the actual vapor pressure is 10 mb, then the relative humidity must be near __ percent.


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