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Early Northern Renaissance

illustration made by gouging wood with a knife or chisel, rolled in ink to cover flat surfaces
illustrations; mainly show shading and impressions
metal covered by wax, scratched to make illustrations, and dipped in acid
atmospheric perspective
details how an object is seen from a distance (less colorful, less contrast)
religious; placed behind altar
in Northern Renaissance, more portable, more sculpture
(ex: "Ghent Altarpiece," Jan van Eyck
often had portraits in the works they sponsored
(ex: Merode Altarpiece, Robert Campin)
(ex: "Ghent Altarpiece," Jan van Eyck)
paint in grey, imitate the look of sculpture
(ex: "Ghent Altarpiece," Jan van Eyck)
Claus Sluter
"Well of Moses," 1395
- contrapposto
- Classical influence
- drapery
Martin Schongauer
"Demons Tormenting St. Anthony," 1470-1475
- engraving
- shows extreme detail
Jan van Eyck
- court painter to the Duke of Burgundy
- credited with creating oil painting (creator was actually brother, Hubert)
- loved light, detailed about source of light in paintings
"Man in a Red Turban"
"Ghent Altarpiece," 1432 - shows grisaille
"Arnolfini Wedding," 1434 - lots of symbolism
Rogier van der Weyden
"The Deposition"
- very to the point
- less symbolism, very powerful images
- pupil of Campin
Limbourg Brothers
"Tres Riches Heures" (The Very Rich Hours), 1413-1416
- showed how world was to wealthy; very pleasant, peasants were happy
- for very wealthy Duke
Robert Campin
- also called "Master of Flemalle"
"Merode Altarpiece," 1425-1428
- triptych
- shows light source
- donors in painting
Hugo van der Goes
"Portinari Altarpiece," 1476
- represented adoration of the shepherds
- features donor portraits
- Jesus (the baby) surrounded by golden rays, not in a crib
- very realistic
Petrus Christus
- student/successor to Jan van Eyck
"A Goldsmith in his Shop," 1449
- commissioned by the goldsmith's guild of Bruges
- shows civic and secular aspects of goldsmiths' trade
- associated with aristocracy
Michael Pacher
"St. Wolfgang Altarpiece"
- Christ crowning Mary the Queen of Heaven