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19 terms

Ch 4 Qs

Which cloud is least liekly to produce precipitation that reaches the ground?
In middle latitudes, which cloud will have the highest base?
Which association below is not correct?
altostratus - high cloud
Another name for visible white frost is:
Which of the following cloud types would commonly be found downwind of a mountain:
lenticular clouds
Lenticular clouds typically form ____________ a mountain range.
downwind of
Wet haze can form when the relative humidity is as low as __ percent.
Fog that forms as warm rain falls into a cold layer of surface air is called:
evaporation (mixing) fog
Which cloud forms in descending air?
The cloud with the greatest vertical growth is:
Hail is usually associated with what cloud?
The name given to a towering cloud that has not fully developedi nto a thunderstorm is:
cumulus congestus
If you hold your hand at arm's length and cloud elements appear to be about the size of your fist, the cloud type is probably:
A middle cloud that sometimes forms in parallel waves or brands is:
Suppose the sky is completely covered with a thin, white layered-type cloud. You look at the ground and see that objects cast a distinct shdaow. From this you can conclude that the cloud type must be:
Cirruus clouds are composed primarily of:
ice particles
When fog lifts above the ground it normally forms this gray sheetlike cloud:
In middle latitudes, which cloud will have the lowest base?
Condensation onto hygroscopic nuclei is possible at relative humidities less than 100 percent due to the:
solute effect