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who was one of adam and eve's sons that was killed by his brother


what did the old testemant refer to God as, that was God's personal name?


what number in the Bible means testing and trial?


what number in the bible means perfection, or completion?


In the begging of the world what was the day that God rested creating a covenant with creation?


A sacred bond that can be between unequal partners including God.


The first promise of a savior to Adam and Eve


the teaching authority of the church


what was the covenant with Abraham


What was the covenant with Noah

A Rainbow

What was the covenant with Adam

The Sabbath

What was the covenant with Moses

The ten commandments

Who was the firstborn of Adam and Eve that killed his younger brother


Whenever an old testament figure foreshadows a new testament figure


What was the food that the Isrealites ate while they were in the desert with Moses


What are two sources of Divine Revelation

Sacred Srcipture and Sacred Tradition

names given to the first five books of the bible

Torah,pentatuch,books of the law, books of Moses

Who was the Queen that went to see solomon about his wisdom


Who was the last king of Babylon that saw the "Writing on the wall"


Who is considered to be the father of the prophets


what is the difference between major and minor prophets

the length of their books

Which king allowed the Isrealites to go back to jerusalem to rebuild the temple


What group opposed the building of the temple

The Semaritins

Which preist led the jews from exile and put together the standard edition of the old testament?


What is one who died for his faith called

A Martyr

Who was the third son of Adam and Eve


Who was the prophet who was told by God to sacrifice his only son


what means Universal and can describe the church or one of her members


What means incapible of failing


What is the collection of all the canononical books

The Bible

what sacrement is the flood a precursor for


Who is Abraham's son by his wife's servant


Who was jacob's favorite son


Who led the Usrealites into the promise land


How did God guide his people in times of bad kings

He would send Prophets

When were many books of the bible edited into their final form

During the Babylonian Exile

Who were considered the chosen people

The Isrealites/Jews/Hebrews

What book of the Bible describes the entry into the promise land

Joshua and judges

What was the name of the Divided kingdoms of Isreal

North Isreal
South Judah

Who wass sold into slavery by his brothes


what is the greek word for "thanksgiving"


What prophet interpreted king nebuchadnezzars dream about the big statue


What did solomon wish for when God offered it to him


Which book that has 150 verses was written mostly by David


Where did Moses receive the ten commandments


who was Isreal's first king


which book of the bible describes the constant cycle of falling into idolatry


What was in the Ark of the Covenant

Aaron's staff, the Ten Commandments, and Manna

What was the ornat box that held the Ten Commandments

The Ark of the Covenant

What prophet took Elijah's place


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