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Progeny (N)
one's offspring.
Rueful (Adj)
full of remorse or regret at something; sorrowful.
Baffle (N/V)
a device for blocking sound or to confuse or bewilder.
Fissure (N)
a crack or crevice.
Malevolent (Adj)
full of harmful or evil intent.
Surreal (Adj)
bizarre or fantastic; seemingly unreal.
Traverse (V)
to cross over or through.
Miasma (N)
a foul, noxious vapor.
Archipelago (N)
a group of many islands.
Buffet (N/V)
a strike or impact; to roughly strike or punch something.
Volatile (Adj)
highly unstable and extremely reactive.
Stratagem (N)
a trick or ruse for deceiving an enemy.
Disenfranchise (V)
to deprive one of his or her rights or freedoms.
Execrate (V)
to despise or abhor intensely.
Countermand (V)
to revoke or call back by a contrary order.