Title 6 Penal Code Review


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Bigamy - Felony 3
Legally married and has more than one wife, lives with someone other than spouse under the appearance of being married
Bigamy - Felony 3
He knows another person other than his spouse is married and; he perports to marry or does marry that person, lives with someone in this state under apperance of being married
Bigamy - Felony 2
If one of the wives is 17 years old
Bigamy - Felony 1
If one of the wives is 16 years or younger holding out to be married and cohabitating and intent to be married
Prohibited Sexual Contact - Felony 2
Actor engages in sexual intercourse or deviate sexual intercourse with: An ancestor, or descendant by blood or adoption, current or former step child or step parent, parents brother or sister ( aunts and uncles ) whole or half blood
Prohibited Sexual Contact - Felony 3
Sexual intercourse with brother or sister, by whole or half or adoption; Children of brother or sister by whole or half blood; son or daughter of aunt or uncle
Interference in child custody - SJ
Interfere with custody of a child younger than 18 yrs. the parent entices or pursuades the child to leave the custody of the custodial parent or guardian
Interference in child custody - SJ
HAS A DEFENSE TO PROSECUTION;The actor returns the child to the geographic area of the court having jurisdiction within 3 days, To avoid family violence; actor was entitled custody of the child
Agreement to abduct from Custody - SJ
A person commits an offense if for pay the actor agrees to abduct a child less than 18 yrs. from custodial parent
Enticing a child - Misdemeanor class B
Person commits an offense if the actor entices a child younger than 18 yrs if he knowingly entices, pursuades, or takes a child from custody
Enticing a child - Felony 3
If the actor intended to commit a felony against the child
Criminal Non- Support - SJ
An individual commits an offense if he intentionally or kmowingly fails to provide support for the individuals child younger than 18 years based upon a court order
Harboring a runaway child - Misdemeanor class A
if he knowingly harbors a child, and he is criminally negligent about, the child id under 18; child escaped detention facility, police officer, probation officer
Harboring a runaway child - defense to prosecution
the actor was related within 2nd degree of Blood or marriage.
Violations in Family Violence - M/A
Sex assault, aggravated sexual assault, stalking
Violations in Family Violence - M/A ( communicates )
directly with a protected individual, family member, or household in a threatening manner
Violations in Family Violence - M/A
goes near any place described by court order
Violations in Family Violence - M/A (Firearm )
possess a firearm harms, threatens, interferes with care, custody, control of a pet; Companion animal, service animal, possessed by protected person
Violation of Protective Order Bias or prejudice - M/A
A person violates a court order if the person intentionally or knowingly commits arson, criminal mischief, grafitti, and commits an offense of bias or prejudice
Violation of protective order bias or prejudice - M/A -communicate
directly with an individual in a threatening or harassing manner; threat through a person to a protected individual, in a manner if the courts prohibits communication of any kind, goes near the residence, or employment
Repeated Violation of Certain court orders - Felony 3
If the jury of fact, the jury must agree unanimously; The defendant can't be convicted of the same criminal action of another offense if the element is part of the same criminal element
Sale or purchase of a child - Felony 2
If the actor sells the child for purposes of trafficking, prostitution, compelling prostitution, sexual performance of a child
Advertising of placement of a child - M/A
person commits an offense if they advertise in social media for adoption, or to provide a child for adoption; does not include a licensed child adoption agency
Advertising of placement of a child - Felony 3
If actor has one previous conviction of this section
Interference with Rights of Guardian of the person - SJ
A person commits an offense if; to take , retain, or conceal a ward from rightful guardian; this doesn't apply to a government agency taking possession of a ward
Continuous Violence against the family - Felony 3
It is an offense in a 12 month or less duration, the person two or more times, engages in conduct of assault with bodily injury to a family/ household member described by family code