32 terms

exam review pgs 13-17

the plasma membrane is ...... meaning only certain substances can pass through.
semi permeable
the plasma membrane is a.....
phospholipid bilayer
The plasma membrane is a dynamic structure and ...... within the plasma membrane can move around.
proteins in the plasmsa membrane serve 3 kinds of functions.name them.
1. Acts as a enzyme
2. help recognize and communicate with each other
3. form channels/tunnels for substances that would not be able to pass through the plasama membrane on their own.
movement of particles that move from a concentrated area to a less concentrated area and begin to reach equilibrium
passive transport and EX:
transport across the membrane where no energy is needed. EX: diffusion
facilitated diffusion
a type of transport where a tunnel/channel/transport protein is required. does no need energy
diffusion of water
hypertonic solution
more solution on the outside
hypotonic solution
more solution on the inside
isotonic solution
balanced solution-is in equilibrium
active transport
movement of substances across a membrane in which energy is required, the energy comes from ATP. Helps maintain the cell's chemical environment.
transportation of large molecules out of the cell
transport of large molecules that go into the cell
photosynthesis equation
H2O+CO2---> Glucose+Oxygen
cellular respiration equation
glucose +oxygen---->ATP+CO2+H2O
the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius
1 kilocarlie +1,ooo calories
gives cells energy.. like a battery
cellular respiration is aerobic meaning...
requires oxygen
cellular respiration
is the process that releases energy by breaking down glucose and other food molecules in the presences of oxygen
step1: glycolysis
-takes place
-what goes in
-what goes out
- cytoplasm
-2 ATP, glucose
step2: krebs cycle
-takes place
-what goes in
-what goes out
- mitochondria
- ATP pyruvate acid(critic acid)
step3: electron transport
-takes place
-what goes in
-what goes out
- mitocondria membrane
net ATP production
36 ATP
Process of making ATP without oxygen
alcoholic fermentation
in bread yeast
lactic acid fermentation
in your muscles after a hard workout
osmotic pressure
-makes cell
-burst with fresh water
-concentration is great on the inside
-hypertonic solution
cellular organs where photosynthesis takes place
gives plant color and catch sunlight
openings on under side of leaves that let CO2 O2 go in and out