UPDATED Prisoner B-3087


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ITB: Prisoner, What is the German word for leader that Hitler was called?
Fuehrer p. 3
ITB: Prisoner, How many families were required for each flat to hold once the German invaded?
Four families. p. 16
ITB: Prisoner, What did Yanek and his dad sneak out to help make?
Bread p. 23
ITB: Prisoner, What became Yanek's family's new home?
The Pidgeon coop p. 37
ITB: Prisoner, What is a bar mitzvah?
A Jewish boy becomes a man. p.43
ITB: Prisoner, What kind of mind did Yanek get assigned to work?
A salk mind p.98
ITB: Prisoner, Who did Yanek find in the concentration camp?
Uncle Moshe p.66
ITB: Prisoner, Where did Yanek hide to find rest in the concentration camp?
Under the floor boards.
ITB: Prisoner, How many men were needed to stand in a bar mitzvah?
ITB: Prisoner, What was the march to Sachsehausen called?
The Death March
ITB: Prisoner, What was written at all the Nazi camps?
Work makes you free p.189
ITB: Prisoner, Why did a kapo hit Yanek in the face?
He said he looked at him funny. p.199
ITB: Prisoner, What was the nickname of the guard that didn't like Yanek?
ITB: Prisoner, What kinda shoes did Yanek wear in the camps?
Wooden shoes
ITB: Prisoner, Why did Yanek take off the star of David?
To look like a Polish prisoner.
ITB: Prisoner, How many concentration camps had Yanke been in?
Ten p. 245
ITB: Prisoner, Which Allies saved Yanek from his last camp?
The Americans
ITB: Prisoner, What family membered of Yanek's survived?
Cousin Youzek p. 253
ITB: Prisoner, Where did Yanek go after the war?
ITB: Prisoner, What did Yanek change his name too?