15 terms

Heros Journey

Ordinary World
Ordinary person from an ordinary place and time
Call to Adventure
Things are going to change
Refusal of the call
Obligation and circumstance make hero say no, they must be wiped out
Supernatural Aid/Wise Mentor
Hero has someone to guide them
The First Threshold (threshold guardians)
leaving a world they know for another, guardians try to stop hero from crossing threshold
Road of trials, enemies, allies
All adventures hero goes through including "dragons" they encounter
The Abyss/Belly of the Whale
Dark place hero goes to confront their fear
Revisiting the Mentor
Hero reconnects with the mentor
Atonement with the Father
Hero confronts whatever has power in their life, CENTER POINT OF JOURNEY
Elevation of hero to rank of god or when the hero is idealized
Ultimate Boon
Hero resolves problem, reaches goal
Return (refusal sometimes)
Hero's not ready to go home
Magic flight (rescue from without)
Somebody moves or helps the hero
Master of Two Worlds
Hero can exist in old and new world
Freedom to live
Problem resolved, hero is accepted