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The world's deseerts are found at 30 degree latitude because:

of the sinking air of the subtropical highs

In terms of the three-cell general circulation model, the driest regions of the earth should be near:

30 degree latitude and the polar regions

On a weather map of the Northern Hemisphere, the trade winds would be observed:

south of the subtropical highs

The majority of the United States lies within this wind belt:


The average winds aloft are strongest in:


The wind belt observed on the poleward side of the polar front is called the:

polar easterlies

On a weather map of the Northern Hemisphere, one would observe the westerlies:

between ther subpolar lows and the subtropical highs

According to the three-cell general circulation model, at the equator we would not expect to find:

a ridge of high pressure

In honolulu, Hawaii (latitude 21N), you would most likely experience winds blowing from the:


The winds in Ann Arbor typically blow from which direction?


The large thermally driven convection cell that is driven by convective hot towers along the equator is the:

Hadley Cell

The reversal of the positions of the surface high and low pressure at opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean is called:

Southern Oscillation

The name given to the current of warm water that replaces cold surface water along the coast of Peru and Equador during December is:

El Nino

If the Earth's surface was homogenous (either all land or all water),

the semipermanent highs and lows would disappear altogether

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