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Anterolateral pathway/spinothalamic tract

anterolateral funiculus
the spinothalamic tract is a bundle of fibers located in the
anterior white commissure
cross over in the spinal thalamic tract occurs in the
anterolateral pathway
transmits pain, temp, crude/light touch, and itch sensations
neospinothalamic pathway
part of the ALS that is direct
paleospinothalamic pathway
part of the ALS that is indricet
skin, muscle, joints
location of free nerve endings of the ALS
spinothalamic tract goes to this part of the thalamus
neospinothalamic pathway
anterolateral pathway that carries well localized sharp, fast, discriminitive pain sensations. Spatial and temporal discrimination of pain.
dorsal root ganglia, substantia gelatinosa (Dorsal horn, 1 or more spinal levels above)
first order neurons of the STT cell bodies located in________ and synapse in ______
somatotopic arrangement of the STT lower extremity to upper extremity
metabolites (created from damage resulting in metabolic changes)
free nerve endings pick up
paleospinothalamic tract
anterolateral pathway that conducts slow, dull, nondiscriminative and affective aspects of pain
the anterolateral pathway is located ______ in the spinal cord and brain stem
contralateral side
damage to the lateral or anterolateral aspect of spinal cord or brain stem would always cause damage of pain/temp to the
lenticulate striate arteries
blood supply to internal capsule
medial thalamus
fibers of the paleospinothalamic tract end in the
dorsal roots, sharp, burning pain
dermatomal (radicular) pain results from irritation of _______, and feels like ______
ipsilateral loss of pain/temp
lesion of STT 1st order neuron results in
contralateral loss of pain/temp
lesion of STT beyond the 1st order neuron results in
post central gyrus
to have localization of pain, you need to have an intact _______
2 levels above, contralateral
STT injury occurs __________ the loss of pain/temp
2 segments above on contralateral side
if you want to eliminate pain at a level of the spinal cord, perform a tractotomy/cordotomy at _________
cavitation of central canal that damages the anterior white commisure
bilateral loss of pain and temp
syringomyelia results in
anterior spinal artery
blood supply to the lateral spinothalamic tract at the level of the C spine
anterior spina/vertebral artery
blood supply to the lateral spinothalamic tract at the caudal medulla
posterior inferior cerebellar artery
blood supply to the lateral spinothalamic tract at the level of the rostral medulla
rostral pons, midbrain, VPL, posterior limb of internal capsule, primary sensory cortex
areas where the dorsal column/medial lemniscus pathway and the lateral spinothalamic tract receive the same blood supply