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AR100 FInal Review- The Maya

Mesoamerican cultures
Aztec, Maya, Inca
Major Regions
Northern lowlands, central lowlands, southern highlands.
Did not have road system
Traits of Mesoamerica
Stepped pyramids, ball courts, maize agriculture, traditions of human sacrifice. Heiroglyphic and other graphic systems. Codices: manuscripts, 260 day ritual calendar.
Maya Long count
Baktun13: complete in 21 December 2012
Maya trade
Had access to jade, "the Maya Gold", cocoa/cacao - used as form of currency, traded far and wide
Military and Spiritual Conquest
FRAY DIEGO DE LANDA: Teach young maya how to write in Spanish alphabet, they forget heiroglyphics.
John Lloyd Stephens and Fredrick Catherwood
"peaceful astronomer priests"