Music in Western Civilizations Final

14 terms by 19851993

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Final review

Second Viennese School

A group of progressive modernist composers; Arnold Schoenberg and his pupils Alban Berg and Anton Webern; represents the first efforts in twelve-tone composition.


a style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking used by Schoenberg in Pierrot Lunare


created atonal opera Wozzeck


composer known for developing atonal compositions such as Suit for piano trio


created program music "Three place in New England"


created one peace ballet "Appalachian Spring"


an orchestra piece that only uses percussion instrument, developed by Vares


created a ballet "Le saecre du printemts", the rite of spring and Petrushka


chance music "music walk"


compossed opera "Nixon in China"


"Einstein on the beach" opera


post-moralistic composer "come out"

"Einstein on the beach"

an opera compossed by Glass


composer that wrote "Concerto Grosso 1985"

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