Bio 101 Final

Exam 2
Which of the following statements concerning chloroplasts is false?
They are unrelated to plastids
Chloroplasts and mitochondria are believed to have ancestors that were
The sides of a lipid bilayer are symmetrical and have the same lipid content and
associated proteins.
What is the function of the nuclear pore complexes found embedded in all
eukaryotic nuclear membranes?
They regulate the movement of all molecules into and out of the nucleus
Cellular respiration is a process that only eukaryotic organisms can do. True or False?
Imagine you are an athlete. You have a friend who tells you the best way to
increase endurance, when working out, is to inject ATP. The friend tells you the
ATP goes directly to the mitochondria to speed up the TCA cycle. What do you
tell this friend?
That's crazy, ATP is a feedback inhibitor of the TCA cycle
What is net total of ATP that can be produced from the combined processes of
glycolysis, The Krebs Cycle and The Electron Transport Chain in a eukaryotic
How many molecules of ribulose 1, 5 bisphosphate and CO2 enter the dark
reaction at the beginning of the cycle?
Three of each
What would you expect of a cell with a large amount of smooth endoplasmic
That it synthesizes large quantities of lipids
The Electron Transport Chain takes place in
The stroma of the chloroplasts
In, or on, which organelle might proteins be translated?
Endoplasmic reticulum
Which of the following organelles have their own DNA?
Chloroplasts and mitochondria
Glycolysis takes place where in a cell?
What part of the cytoskeleton is a major component of a mitotic or meiotic
contractile ring?
If a cell has an equal solute concentration on both sides of the membrane, the
tonicity of the cell is considered
What is the major product of Photosystem I?
The pH in the mitochondrial matrix is lower than the pH in the intermembrane
space. True or False?
Rank the cytoskeletal components in order from smallest to largest in diameter.
Microfilaments to Intermediate to filaments Microtubules
The TCA Cycle is a process during which the following is produced:
B) Glucose
C) Pyruvate
D) Oxygen
E) Acetyl CoA
In autumn, the leaves of many types of trees change colors. This is because the
chlorophyll is degraded, and _____.
the carotenoids and other pigments are still present in the leaves
Aerobic respiration, or cellular respiration, is a process that takes glucose and O2
and completely reduces them down into _________.
lactic acid
What is one reason an anaerobic organism is considered anaerobic?
It must use a molecule like NO3 as a final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain
How many molecules of glyceraldehyde 3-P (G3P) are transported out of the
chloroplast for sugar metabolism?
The Endosymbiotic Theory helps explain the existence of lysosomes and
peroxisomes. True or False
You want to conduct an experiment involving osmosis. A semi-permeable
balloon contains a 5 % salt solution. In which of the following solutions would
you need to place the balloon, in order have a hypertonic solution in the balloon?
A) 5 % salt solution
B) 2 % salt solution
C) 15 % salt solution
D) 10 % salt solution
E) Both C and D are equally correct
B) 2 % salt solution
Following glycolysis and the TCA cycle, but before the electron transport chain,
glucose has been broken down to CO2 with some net gain of ATP. Most of the
energy from the original glucose molecule at that point in the process, however, is
in the form of _____.
How many membranes does a mitochondrion possess?
On the inner membrane of the mitochondria, ATP production is coupled to
the events in the electron-transport chain. What is accomplished in the
final electron transfer event in the electron-transport chain?
Oxygen, O2, is reduced and water, H2O, is produced
What molecule would be associated with movement from the + to - end of a
Ultimately, where could a majority of all living organisms get their energy?
The sun
Where would you expect to find ribulose 1, 5 bisphosphate?
As a reactant in the dark reaction of photosynthesis
Photosynthesis take which of the following out of the environment?
A) Water
B) Oxygen
C) Carbon dioxide (CO2)
D) Sugar
E) Both A and C are correct
E) Both A and C are correct
Two products of the Electron Transport Chain are:
A) NADH and CO2
B) FADH2 and O2
C) NAD+ and H2O
D) Glucose and CO2
E) H2O and NAD+
A photosynthetic organism differs from a non-photosynthetic organism by which
of the following:
A) Only photosynthesizers have chloroplasts
B) Only photosynthesizers have a metabolism
C) Only photosynthesizers have mitochondria
D) Only photosynthesizers can be multicellular
E) Only photosynthesizers are able to convert light energy to chemical energy
E) Only photosynthesizers are able to convert light energy to chemical energy
What is the final product of the Calvin Cycle, or the dark reaction?
Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
The first CO2 that is released during aerobic cellular respiration is _____.
between glycolysis and the Krebs cycle
NADH + H+ is a reduced compound. Which of the following would be its
oxidized counterpart?
A) NAD+ + OH-
B) ADP + Pi
Facilitated diffusion requires both a transport protein and energy to move
molecules from one side of a membrane to the other. True or False?
In an animal cell, digestion, at the cellular level, would most likely occur in which
of the following?
A) Peroxisome
B) Lysosome
C) Glyoxysome
D) Central vacuole
E) None of the above
B) Lysosome
Imagine you are a single celled organism. You live in a nice warm environment
where your cell membrane has a certain composition to keep it fluid. Your
environment suddenly becomes cold. What would you need to do to your lipid
composition in your membrane to keep it nice and fluid?
Increase the number of phospholipids with double bonds