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ITB: Loot, Who is the author?
Jude Watson
ITB: Loot, What don't thieves like?
A night of a full moon p.1
ITB: Loot, In the begging of the book what was March try to steal?
A bike p.6
ITB: Loot,What spilled out of Alfie's jacket?
Diamonds p.9
ITB: Loot,Where were March and his Alfie?
ITB: Loot,What were March's dad's last words?
Stick and Rag, and Rano
ITB: Loot,What did March tell the policeman at the concert his name was?
Matt Henneberry p.29
ITB: Loot,Where was March being sent after he got caught?
New York p. 31
ITB:Loot,What did March discover he had at the airport?
A twin sister. p. 34
ITB: Loot,What was March's twin sister's name?
Julia or Jules
ITB: Loot,What playing card did Jules and March each have a half of?
The Joker p. 39
ITB: Loot,What did March blurt out at Alfie's burial?
"Don't look back" p.46
ITB:Loot,What did the lady at the cemetery want?
The moonstones. p. 49
ITB:Loot,Who ran the home March and Jules were assigned to?
Mandy Sue and Peter
ITB:Loot,Who became March's new roommate?
Darius p.55
ITB:Loot,What did Darius wake March up to tell him?
Jules had run away. p. 69
ITB:Loot,Who did Jules do the jewelry heist with?
Oscar Ford
ITB:Loot,How did Jules and March's mother die?
Falling off a cliff after a jewelry heist
ITB:Loot,Where had FX tracked down the last moonstone?
That Alfie had stolen in Barcelona p. 219
ITB:Loot,Where do the stones get their power?
The blue moon.