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  1. noisome
  2. bibulous
  3. minuscule
  4. indigenous
  5. pragmatic
  1. a very small, tiny; a lowercase letter
  2. b fond of or inclined to drink; absorbent
  3. c offensive or disgusting; foul-smelling; harmful or injurious
  4. d concerned with practical consideration or values; dealing with actions and results rather than with abstract theory; stiff in one's opinions
  5. e originating in the country pr region where found, native; inborn; inherent

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  1. forgetful; unaware
  2. a trickster or swindle; a charlatan
  3. lying flat on one's back; listless or lethargic; apathetic or passive
  4. any system of things or people arranged or graded one above in order of rank, wealth, class, etc
  5. a song of praise, joy, pr triumph

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  1. icona representation or image of a scared personage, often considered sacred itself; an image or picture; a symbol; a graph symbol on a computer monitor display; an object of blind devotion


  2. hideboundnarrow-minded and rigid, especially in opinions or prejudices; stubbornly and unthinkable conservative


  3. polarizea base coward


  4. adjunctprotection; patronage; sponsorship


  5. claquean enclosed district, region, or area inhabited by a particular group of people or having a special character